January 7, 2014

This recent report Forget Franchises mirrors the focus of a paper I wrote last year.

Kagan McLeod Superhereos Image

Kagan McLeod Superhereos Image

Marvelisation, as I coined it, is a narrative strategy whereby an interconnected universe is exploited through standalone films.
I presented the paper at the Avanca Cinema Conference in Avanca, which is a small town about two hours out of oporto.
A link to the publication can be found here.



If interested in reading writing about cinema the book is a good purchase being 1288 pages long! each article is about 5 or 6 pages in length.

a Link to this year’s call for papers can be found here. The conference has a film festival attached to it and practical workshops so a really good way to be immersed in film, in sunny Portugal, for a week.


Marvel- Avanca Cinema Conference

March 1, 2013

Reading this book at the moment as prep for my Avanca paper, if selected for the conference.

History of Marvel Book

2012 Book about Marvel by Sean Howe

There are no pictures!!! I know, I know. I guess the rights were too difficult to sort. Any one you who has a little knowledge of comics and comic book adaptations will know the rights are all over the shop. I guess author Sean Howe couldn’t resolve it enough to include some images.

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