February 27, 2015

Working through films that I’ve recorded over the years on my set top box and not gotten around to seeing so last night was Disgrace.

Disgrace film Poster

Disgrace Poster

John Malkovich played the main character and I didn’t recognise any of the supporting players. Not read JM Coetzee’s Booker-prize winning book that the film was based on but film felt very disjointed and hard for me to get into and I guess it’s one of those books that was super complex to adapt as a film.


August 24, 2011

I hope you caught Random on Channel 4 recently. If not you can find it here through 4od catchup service. This was an adaptation by Debbie Tucker Green of her original stageplay put on at the Royal Court Downstairs in 2008. The play is a one-woman show and what was so powerful about the TV adaptation written and Directed By Debbie Tucker Green is how she went about using the televisual form. ‘Opening up’ of plays is a common expression that ordinarily means taking the one-stage location idea and taking the piece to locations alluded to in the stage production but not necessarily visualised on stage. This approach was very different. The ‘one-woman playing many different characters ‘ approach of the stageplay was handled extremely well. It remained theatrical but was definitely a film. Many theatre practitioners I feel don’t manage this transition particularly well. A previous post of mine places Dany Boyle as the theatre to film director who, in my opinion has consistently, best handled this transition.

Random poster Image

Try and see it if you can. Nadine Marshall is fantastic.


8th International Conference on The Book

October 20, 2010

My attendance has been confirmed by NTU so I can now prepare properly for my paper presentation at the 8th Intl Conference on The Book. This year’s conference is taking place in St Gallen, Switzerland.

My paper currently has the incredibly clumsy title of ‘The Book’ an adaptation from the film: Technology, Narrative, Business & how the book industry might adapt the film.

As you can see it’s playing on the idea that the film industry has relied on the book for product since the beginning of cinema. My paper suggests a way that the book publishing industry might use how the film industry has dealt with technology. And use that example to be a bit smarter than the film industry. I think the comparison is usually made with how the music  industry dealt with ‘digital’. As ever i’m looking to do something a little different. Paper is almost completed and I’ve some ideas for the actual presentation. The paper is intended to be published in The International Journal of the Book, a fully refereed academic journal by November 2011.

Short Scripts

August 31, 2010

Posting Feel one of the shorts I’ve been working on for the Nottingham Trent University Second Year Moving Image students.

The idea is that the students have to interpret and then adapt a given script. Feel is similar to the other two I’ve written for this year’s students in that it has only two characters, needs to be shot predominantly in one day with half a day’s rehearsal. Additionally each script also has a requirement to think about character and backstory.

Adapt and Survive

August 22, 2010

Author Michael Morpurgo talks here about adaptation and his evolving experience with it as a process. Good title for the article I feel as a comment about writing and colloboratino in general.

Script-ets- Scripts

January 17, 2010

Posting a couple of the scripts-ets written for NTU Multimedia students here for your perusal or otherwise you decide. The students received the scripts on friday and the idea is that they will interpret, adapt, shoot and edit over the next four weeks.

Cough Gaze Brick

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