Final Draft and Celtx

October 7, 2013

Upgraded to Mountain Lion months ago and last week I tried to open my version of Final Draft 8 and of course it didn’t work. What i’ve written loads of stuff sicne then. Made me realise I’ve been working in CELTX and not FD for about 18 months or so.
I’ve installed the new Mountain Lion compatible version of FD so no biggy but this shows me the type of work i’ve been doing reccently and also where this work has been palced. Not for TV/Film but for theatre and the museum VR piece i’ve recently been commissioned to do and am currently working on. This seems to speak to me about how these different industries respond to the idea of ‘the draft’. FD is much more visibly interatively designed it seems to me. Visible Iterations on my stageplays always seem to cause ‘reading’ and ‘scanning’ problems in a way that they don’t in Film and TV. I think there’s a research paper somewhere in here about communication design. As ever context is king/key/queen/emperor/lord.

drought to flood

March 22, 2013

Of course as soon as I start reading material for my paper is get new ideas about older ongoing projects. Furiously note-taking as I jump between three projects.
But as ever it will be a test of ‘apres le deluge’

php training/interactive video

September 16, 2010

Completed my php/mysql four day course today. I want to resume the projects I haven’t looked at since the completion of my Masters a few years ago. That is a site that approaches narrative from a non-linear, user-driven approach. It has some similarities with Manovich’s database cinema and Greenaway’s long-term project Tulsa Luper Suitcases. Ready to approach building the scaffold of the project once I consider the interaction types and architecture of the databases.

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script-ets finished

April 2, 2010

Finished the last batch of three of my script-ets for the Moving Image First year NTU Multimedia students. They are starting points of ideas to a larger or lesser degree depending on the script. The idea is that the students who are mostly new to narrative filmmaking, adapt them over a five week period.

I’ve uploaded them here so take a look if you wish

Ambient Vapour



They are written in celtx and converted to pdf files. Enjoy. Or don’t. Twelve shorts later I don’t care as I’ve finished now!! Screenwriter John August (Go, Big Fish, Charlie and Choccy Factory , Charlie’s Angels) has, I have no doubt much more crafted shorts to download. Get his link from the links section on here.

Creative Brainstorming with Jurgen Wollf

June 26, 2008

Signed up to Jurgen Wolff’s creative brainstorming monthly email. Just received the first one. Looks kind of interesting for tuition purposes as regards exercises. A good resource to point people to.

Wolff is one of the many script guru’s knocking about. Mckee, Seger, Field, Freeman. Check out his site

Check the newsletter out. I think it’s kinda interesting as it’s seems to be about brainstorming and inspiration rather then more formal scripting stuff. Go here to sign up . There’s a button you can click to sample the newsletter before signing up.

Writing Tool

May 12, 2008

Just been sent this link by a german company. They have developed a writing tool that seeks to develop understanding of the writing process. Damn was my first reaction when seeing it. I now have to push quicker onto the second element of the tool I envisage which is about feedback.

Writing Tool- Early Prototype

May 8, 2008

See attached an early version of the writing tool I am developing.

Download the powerpoint slide and have a go. Please feed comments back onto this journal.


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