Milan SRN conference

September 17, 2018

Heading back from Milan today after presenting at the 11th annual Screenwriting Research Network conference held in Milano, Italy this year.

Will post more about it soon just wanted to add this image of a tower block in Courso Como.

Reads super Sci-fi right?


March 12, 2018

Been super busy. working on a number of research projects, 1 subject to an nda so can’t show much but been really fun, editing 15 secs insta versions of video. Playing with trying to get the same ‘power’ into the 15 secs as the longer version of a test edit carry.

Other project is a project with architecture where the research is into using camera to measure bridge deformation. Research question is how effective can cheaper camera be? Ordinarily the cameras used cost 30G or upwards.

Posted a couple of images of an in lab test.

When the weather gets better we’ll be going on into the field to do some further tests. My role is to acquire the measurement data and I’m also making a creative film, working title, ‘buildings that breathe’.

I also submitted a doco idea for this


2015 in review

March 18, 2016

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 450 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 8 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Fela National Theatre transfer

April 27, 2010

Fela! casting call. I know Iyabo who played in my rehearsed reading was going up for Fela’s mum.

Auditions just gone. Not sure if Fela’s mum gets to dance though. A Brooklyn based friend of mine saw the show and loved it. Looking forward to it’s November London opening.

Fela Wives project- Next stage

December 4, 2009

After a period of reflection following the momentum:nottingham Reading in October I had a meeting with Kate Chapman, Chief Executive of TWP to discuss the next stage of the Fela’s Wives project. My instinct following the reading was to do a major rewrite as regards the ‘plot’ driver of the story. I still feel this and we agree that this was the best (or certainly the next) course. I’ll be doing this draft for Spring of next year. We also identified potential collaborators for the project (Producers, Commisioners, venues). Kate will be sounding them out about the project and giving them details of the process so far. The draft will be going to them and then we’ll take it from there. the idea is that they have an opportunity to collaborate and input into subsequent drafts thus engaging with the playand with this crucial part of the development process.

oodgeroo:bloodline to country

July 11, 2009

Whilst attending the anzca09 academic conference in Brisbane I got a tip to go and see oodgeroo:bloodline to country a play on at the local theatre. Oodgeroo is a play by Sam Watson and was put on as part of Brisbane’s 150th anniversary celebrations. The play is about aboriginal writer, poet, activist Kath Walker, oodgeroo. One of her sons Denis co-founded the Brisbane black panther party along with playwright Sam Watson back in the 1970’s. So sam is in this piece, contrasting how one family deal with their anger at the treatment of indigenous people by government and other non-indigenous settlers.
There was a q&a aftewards where I asked sam a question designed to get him to reflect on his journey as he is I figured in some ways writing about himself when he writes about denis. The importance of being ‘the teller’ of story in the indigenous community and not the author or owner of the story meant that sam felt no need to disconnect ‘self’ from ‘story’ when writing he replied.
A few days after seeing the play I am left with ideas of being one own country and each others, about connecting in the present, immediate and also beyond the present immediate through time and space in ways we might not be able to imagine. The piece produced by La Boite theatre company really connected with the Brisbane audience.
And in an example of the power of theatre 2 anecdotes:
Anecdote 1- sam never made it through uni as in his own words he was ‘busy getting arrested’ all the time (incidentally sam said his daughter who did make it through and the character Pearl in the piece who becomes a lawyer are kind of like surrogates for him). A guy in the audience spoke to say he was at the same uni as sam at the same time and had admired him and what he had to face daily as the only aboriginal in a uni of 25,000 but never had the courage to speak to him and tell him how much he admired him. He had follwoed sam’s career from afar over the intervening years and now he was so pleased to be able to now be able to tell him of his admiration.

Anecdote 2- in the early 1970’s kath walker, oodgeroo was on a plane that was hijacked. This event played a big part in the play. The nature of power, struggle, oppression. The actor playing black panther denis walker also played the arab hijacker. After the show he noticed a woman who seemed really affected so went to give her a hug. She it turned out was on this same plane 35 years ago. She was watching parts of her life played back a few feet in front of her.
The power of theatre.

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