Black representation in Film interview

September 2, 2018

About to go and do an interview on BBC Radio Nottingham about representation of black culture on film.
Framed around recent released discussed in prior post and hoping to discuss my paper due to present in Milan in 10 days and the new BA (Hons) filmmaking course at ntu that I lead and how these all connect.

Into The Woods: A 5 Act Journey Into Story

March 7, 2014

Reading John Yorke’s Into The Woods: A 5 Act Journey Into Story. Yorke set up the BBC Writers’ Academy so has tons of experience. He then went on to Company Pictures I believe.
Only just started book and it’s reading really well so far. Appendices material in particular looks good.
It’s a library book so having to read it now while my 3 weeks are ticking but handy as I’m also re-writing 57 Images of My Father and ideas and more usefully questions are sparking up.

Behind The Scenes

January 4, 2014

I’m reading Magical Mystery Tours: My Life With The Beatles by Tony Bramwell (written with Rosemary Kingsland who presumably acted as ghostwriter.
I’m not particularly interested in the Beatles as anything other than a cultural phenomenon but I am always interested in the people on the sidelines of history. I got Bessie Blount: Mistress to Henry 8th by Elizabeth Norton from the same library at the same time which I think illustrates this interest of mine.
I half remember the ‘no man is a hero to his valet’ quote that I first became aware of many, many moons ago and this perspective of the engaged and interested observer view of ‘great events’ is something that I find endlessly fascinating and is something that often drives a lot of my own writing.

Final Draft and Celtx

October 7, 2013

Upgraded to Mountain Lion months ago and last week I tried to open my version of Final Draft 8 and of course it didn’t work. What i’ve written loads of stuff sicne then. Made me realise I’ve been working in CELTX and not FD for about 18 months or so.
I’ve installed the new Mountain Lion compatible version of FD so no biggy but this shows me the type of work i’ve been doing reccently and also where this work has been palced. Not for TV/Film but for theatre and the museum VR piece i’ve recently been commissioned to do and am currently working on. This seems to speak to me about how these different industries respond to the idea of ‘the draft’. FD is much more visibly interatively designed it seems to me. Visible Iterations on my stageplays always seem to cause ‘reading’ and ‘scanning’ problems in a way that they don’t in Film and TV. I think there’s a research paper somewhere in here about communication design. As ever context is king/key/queen/emperor/lord.

Tony Gilroy on Writing

October 2, 2013

Link here to a BBC ‘Top 10 tips to writing’ story by Writer/Director Tony Gilroy.

** just noticed that the link didnt come across properly from my wordpress app on my phone. apologies to all readers

drought to flood

March 22, 2013

Of course as soon as I start reading material for my paper is get new ideas about older ongoing projects. Furiously note-taking as I jump between three projects.
But as ever it will be a test of ‘apres le deluge’

Harry Belafonte

January 22, 2013

Blown away by Storyville just finished on BBC4. Harry Belafonte was the subject of the film. Opening sequence structured to immediately blow away what you think you know about this ‘singer’. Again and again Storyville series shows these fabulous documentaries. I’m figuring it’ll be on bbc iPlayer for the next 7 days. Readers outside the uk not sure what kind of access to iPlayer you might have but try and track it down. Amazing life and amazing rage at injustice that has fired his life and work for so many decades. Any amount of time spent tracking it down will be worth it.

my Writing Year in Review

December 31, 2012

Not a very productive year for me as regards outputs. Lots of things started but nothing completed to the level I would want. Relationships initiated, twp ended, work continues.
Trying for more focused, strategic 2013.
I’m good at tactics but lots of room to go strategically. Always a difficulty for me, being a journey not destination person.
Hope you have an exciting 2013.

channel 4 screenwriting opportunity

October 29, 2012

Just seen this.

Hurry up though as deadline is 7th November.
All writers have ‘drawer’ projects though right?

new project

October 18, 2012

Working on a new spec project that I envisage as a TV drama series of three or four 60 minute dramas. I had what I thought was a great title, Cuckoo until I saw a trailer for a BBC sitcom with the same name a few weeks ago. Not actually seen the series. I’ve now got alternative not as good titles. Nice scene planned to start with tomorrow and then onto to character bible/profiles. What do you mean that’s the wrong way round?

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