Palm Wine and Stout

October 7, 2010

Segun Lee French rural touring play Palm Wine and Stout, a Eastern Angles show opens tonight. Catch Segun’s BBC Radio4 interview with Libby Purves here while it’s still on the iPlayer this week.

Tour dates for the show are here.

The show came out of a Theatre Writing Partnership initiative with the Eastern Angles and New Perspectives theatre companies. it tours for the next three weeks.

New perspectives will also be touring The Honey Man show. Written by tyrone huggins this is also a project developed through the rural touring initiative of a couple of years ago.

radio interview

September 22, 2009

Link to my recent radio interview is here or here.

It is via the BBC iPlayer so only up until Saturday 26th. My interview is at 2hr 19m 44s. Enjoy

Radio interview

September 20, 2009

Took part in a radio interview on BBC Radio Nottingham earlier today. It was to talk about my participation in Decibel09 as an east midlands/nottingham practitioner. The phone call to set it up came out of the blue but agreed as happy to bang the publicity drum for momentum, twp decibel09 (which has now finished) and for other nottm practitioners. I mentioned hetain patel’s show ‘Ten’. David ‘stickman’ Higgins is also in the show. I caught the extract at decibel09 and it’s a good show.
Trying to get those tickets sold for 26th and 27th October.

decibel09 Pitch

September 9, 2009

The pitching sessions for decibel09 have sold out so assuming the booked individuals still have the energy to attend after two days of seeing shows and late-night drinking it should be a good turn out.

My rural touring project, Boat Gypsies will also be represented at the Rural Touring Forum AGM through the Writers’ lab09 Theatre Writing Partnership but as this clashes with my pitch I won’t be able to attend. It won’t be presented on this occassion but two of the five projects will. The Writers’ Lab09 participants are Richard Rai O’Neill (Today’s Lessons), Segun Lee French (Palm Wine and Stout), Leah Chillery (The Cliffs) and Tyrone Huggins (The HoneyMan) and myself.

The extract showing (Thursday 17th September) will be followed by a q&a about the development process. Extracts from All five plays will be presented at the Nottingham Playhouse on Monday 26th October.

Five Queens of Fela Kuti

August 16, 2009

Just received the Nottm Playhouse brochure. As part of theatre writing partnership’s Momentum festival Black Folks strand I’ve got two extracts playing on both the 26th and 27th october, Boat Gypsies and Fela’s Five Queens (or the Wives (many) of Fela Anikulapo Kuti whichever title I can fix on). Boat Gypsies is done but feeling the pressure with Five Queens. I completed a draft a year ago but now doing a page one rewrite and only on page 30 at moment. Got about 20 days to complete a draft. Don’t really have to complete for the showing but I’d like to. The extract is likely to be the 20 mins or so and probably the opening 20 mins but completing will give us more options. Think I know where I’m going now as regards plot details just need to get it done.

writers lab09 showcase event

July 24, 2009

the event went well yesterday. all the pieces were strong. A comment from the floor during the q & a afterwards remarked on the ‘strong sense of place’ for each of the diverse pieces and I agree with that comment. The actors were uniformly well cast and delivered strong performances, the Directors staged the pieces well and the writing was strong so all in all a good event.

This was the first time the pieces have been performed and after only one day of rehearsals it was amazing to see how immediately strong they all were.

There is a spot in decibel09 to showcase some of the pieces and then again in October during the momentum festival organised by twp.

Hopefully some/all will get commissions from this process. Not necessarily with the writers lab 09 piece but through developing relationships that might be formed with the producers, companies who attend the showcase events. We had audience members from afar yesterday so lets hope these can be developed.

Special thanks to Ben, Imogen, Andre and Ivan for all their hard work on Boat Gypsies over the two days. Reflecting on the proces for me before thinking about the next stage of this project.

Boat Gypsies -rehearsed readings

July 22, 2009

Rehearsing Boat Gypsies today. Directd by Ivan Cutting we have Andre Squire as Mac Robinson, Imogen O’Sullivan as Fleur See and Ben Norris as Harris See. It a script in hand performance tomorrow at Lakeside Theatre Nottingham to an audience of rural touring bookers and companies. It was good watching everybody work. Today was the first time the script has been read by actors so that was good. Everybody was very perceptive and we rocked along satisfactorily. The nature of the showcase means we’ve made lots of cuts and jiggled and joggled around. Looking forward to tomorrow. The actors will be good for having had a night to synthesize stuff so tomorrow’s run through should be hot stuff.

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