Black representation in Film interview

September 2, 2018

About to go and do an interview on BBC Radio Nottingham about representation of black culture on film.
Framed around recent released discussed in prior post and hoping to discuss my paper due to present in Milan in 10 days and the new BA (Hons) filmmaking course at ntu that I lead and how these all connect.

Into The Woods: A 5 Act Journey Into Story

March 7, 2014

Reading John Yorke’s Into The Woods: A 5 Act Journey Into Story. Yorke set up the BBC Writers’ Academy so has tons of experience. He then went on to Company Pictures I believe.
Only just started book and it’s reading really well so far. Appendices material in particular looks good.
It’s a library book so having to read it now while my 3 weeks are ticking but handy as I’m also re-writing 57 Images of My Father and ideas and more usefully questions are sparking up.

BBC Radio Nottingham Snowman Spoof Xmas ad

December 13, 2013

Hitesh Chavda was Associate Producer and film was produced through his production company Monkey Media Productions. Pete Balogun worked on shoot. Tom Roberts, Nisa Kelly, and Kalab Khaliq, three final year multimedia students from ntu, were the crew and shot alot of behind the scenes footage that is still to come. Helen Ansell from ICan Creative, nottingham made the snowman prop, Song was performed by sabrina sandhu with backing vocal by nina smith.
Film was heavily supported by Lei Cox, Head of Department for Visual Communication at Nottingham Trent University.

Staff at all the locations featured in the film were really helpful and we had a really good, productive time making the ad.
Note for the groucher on Nottingham Evening Post site where you can also see the film, No TV license fee money was spent on the production of this ad!

You can also see the ad via radio nottingham facebook page.

Fela Comes Home Radio 4

June 4, 2011

Just listened to Fela Kuti Comes Home doco on Radio 4 via the BBC Iplayer. Originally broadcast on Tuesday the 30 minute doco has contrubtions from Family, Manager and Kalakuta attendees.

Not alot of new stuff there for people who know the Fela stories.

You can find it here for a listen yourself.

Looking forward to the Kalakutians a new play coming up soon.

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