Fela Kuti film

September 16, 2013

From this Variety story it looks like Steve Mcqueen is no longer doing Fela Kuti movie.

I guess more will be revealed over the coming weeks and months but I think this is the same project as was announced for McQueen maybe 18 months ago. James Schamus, writer/producer who works with ang lee for focus was announced as collaborating with McQueen and is part of the above press release so I figure it’s same project with a new Director.


Fela Comes Home Radio 4

June 4, 2011

Just listened to Fela Kuti Comes Home doco on Radio 4 via the BBC Iplayer. Originally broadcast on Tuesday the 30 minute doco has contrubtions from Family, Manager and Kalakuta attendees.

Not alot of new stuff there for people who know the Fela stories.

You can find it here for a listen yourself.

Looking forward to the Kalakutians a new play coming up soon.

Fela doc on Radio this week

May 28, 2011

Documentary this coming week on Radio4 about the Fela! Musical as it premieres in Nigeria. Read some stuff a few weeks ago about the cast taking the show to The New Shrine in Lagos. The show’s Tuesday 31st BBC Radio 4 1.30 pm.

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unknown soldier

March 15, 2011

listening to this almost on repeat.

coffin for head of state album cover image

coffin for head of state album cover

Unknown Soldier by Fela Kuti from the Coffin For Head of State album.
Wierd mix of a great tune and tough lyrics. I know this mix isn’t new but this track really gets me each time. Dancing to eyes being pulled out, beatings, rape, fire and destruction.
buy the album and listen to the full 30 minute version.

wrasse records site

Fela Funeral ceremony

February 2, 2011

Found this video of the Fela burial on YouTube. The quality is terrible as it’s a transfer from a pretty ropey vhs videotape. Not sure how long it’ll stay up so check it out. It is a multi-part video ceremony. This is part 1 of at least three.

Fela Book

January 30, 2011

Saw this book today.


Fela Book Cover

Fela This Bitch of A Life

I don’t know if this is a reprint of a book with a very similar title or a new book. I suspect the former. Be interesting to see how it sells.

Fela! off to Sadlers Wells

January 25, 2011

Fela is off to Sadlers Wells after it finished a sold out run at the National Theatre. The show just goes on and on demonstration there is an audience for this type of show after what three years now.

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