Field Of Dreams Moments

June 23, 2011

Been having Fields of Dreams moments recently. I hope you’ve seen the 1989 film where if he builds it ‘he will come’. I was talking about a project which I hadn’t heard any progress on and then the Director got in touch, yesterday I was being interviewed about my Decibel Performing Arts Showcase experience. As part of the interview I was talking about how I have had national but not international profile, this morning woke up to an email from New York from someone looking for a chat about collaboration after seeing the video of my Decibel 09 pitch. If you build it they will come.


57 Images Of My Father

October 17, 2010

Despite starting another rewrite of The Five Wives of Fela Kuti I’ve decided to switch my attention to completing another draft of a different project in development, 57 Images of My Father. I was going through old emails and saw one from someone who saw the pitch of I did of this project at Decibel 09 in Manchester. Realised I needed to get on with this and get a draft out and follow up this interest. The Five Wives of Fela Kuti project has taken along time, much longer than envisaged and I need to get more work written so I switched. Watching A Might Heart,  Michael Winterbottom’s film about the Daniel Pearl kidnapping I was struck by the line ‘how can you love someone you’ve never met’ . This is a key idea for my piece.

A video of me pitching the project can be found here.

57 Images of My Father Pitch

May 19, 2010

Link here to my Decibel 09 pitch of stageplay 57 Images Of My Father delivered Manchester back in September 09.


I was reminded it had been uploaded to Vimeo when I was watching Rosanna Raymond’s Tusks and Fevers Pitch. The Decibel team are good about keeping attendees informed and up to date as the site is updated with News and other material.

I now have a 57 Images draft (it’s rubbish) so will be looking to do something with that, that something being the development process I refer to in the pitch. I will do this as soon as time/other projects allow.

radio interview

September 22, 2009

Link to my recent radio interview is here or here.

It is via the BBC iPlayer so only up until Saturday 26th. My interview is at 2hr 19m 44s. Enjoy

Radio interview

September 20, 2009

Took part in a radio interview on BBC Radio Nottingham earlier today. It was to talk about my participation in Decibel09 as an east midlands/nottingham practitioner. The phone call to set it up came out of the blue but agreed as happy to bang the publicity drum for momentum, twp decibel09 (which has now finished) and for other nottm practitioners. I mentioned hetain patel’s show ‘Ten’. David ‘stickman’ Higgins is also in the show. I caught the extract at decibel09 and it’s a good show.
Trying to get those tickets sold for 26th and 27th October.

Decibel09 Pitch thoughts

September 18, 2009

Delivered the pitch for my comedy 57 Images Of My Father at Decibel09 performing arts showcase yesterday. It went well, enjoyed it and had some immediate interest from  a venue, a director and an Art Council employee advised me on funding strategy to get the project rolling so that was good. I also overheard people afterwards discussing approaching me for more info so I’ll let next week shake out and then start following up on some of the delegates who attended the sold out session. The pitch training in July was really useful in helping me structure the presentation and take it seriously.

Here’s the rough structure I had in my head. I improvised around it a little rather than try to memorise it.


– My name, project title, current project history


Imagine a photo task. Malachi’s task. Limbo. Comedy. Stuck. Last chance. Describe Images. Successful creation of a narrative makes interview candidate a suitable fit to be born. playing with the ‘you can choose your friends but not family adage’



*why I am writing this

* imagine you can invent your family, what characteristics would you choose for your parents?

* a show about family, memory, nature vs nurture

*to commit to the development process I enjoy


*whether the absurdist form is the best for the story

* Who and how many characters. There are currently four in my head.

*How the story ends


Want to collaborate to discover an unusual, innovative comedy for your audience

Momentum shows in October

57 Images is a comedy about family, photography and consistently forgetting to flush the toliet after a poo.

I actually forgot to do the curent projects bit as I had moved it in my head at the last moment but luckily someone from the Birminhgam rep asked me about my writing background so I got to do that bit.

Lots of good feedback occurred throughout the day with people coming up to me to make a point of saying they enjoyed the pitch and to suggest endings. Cheers for that.

decibel09 Pitch

September 9, 2009

The pitching sessions for decibel09 have sold out so assuming the booked individuals still have the energy to attend after two days of seeing shows and late-night drinking it should be a good turn out.

My rural touring project, Boat Gypsies will also be represented at the Rural Touring Forum AGM through the Writers’ lab09 Theatre Writing Partnership but as this clashes with my pitch I won’t be able to attend. It won’t be presented on this occassion but two of the five projects will. The Writers’ Lab09 participants are Richard Rai O’Neill (Today’s Lessons), Segun Lee French (Palm Wine and Stout), Leah Chillery (The Cliffs) and Tyrone Huggins (The HoneyMan) and myself.

The extract showing (Thursday 17th September) will be followed by a q&a about the development process. Extracts from All five plays will be presented at the Nottingham Playhouse on Monday 26th October.

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