Screenwriting Mentoring IdeaTap Pitch competition

September 9, 2014

Submitted mine.

IdeaTap Screenplay Mentoring Pitch

IdeaTap Screenplay Mentoring Pitch

You’ve still got time

Pig iron by Ben Myers

April 6, 2014

After my David Peace marathon of reading all of his work (just finished Tokyo Year Zero the last one of his works that I had yet to read) and finishing off the latest draft of my play 57 Images Of My Father (in readiness for the Inside Out festival, taking place at the Curve Leicester from Thursday this week) I’m now reading Ben Myer’s Pig Iron.

Pig Iron Book Cover

Pig Iron Book Cover

Just started reading it but it’s shaping up to be a good read from the few pages into it that I am.

57 Images latest draft

March 28, 2014

80-odd pages into my latest draft of 57 Images Of My Father. Working on it for the Inside Out competition I’ve posted about earlier.

The festival wil show a ten minute extract of all 7 selected writer’s work.  I’ve decided my extract section I think but reserving judgement until I get to the end of the draft. Chosen a section that has high energy and has the comic aspects that are an important element of what is quite an esoteric idea. The set-up’ll need some explanation though. I was going to go from the first ten minutes as that is also comic and would have provided some of the exposition but think the new extract selection will be better for the audience to enjoy. Whatever section will be out of context so might as well go with one that pushes the actors and will be fun to play with for all involved in setting up the extracts.

I’m at the stage where I need to print the draft out as I’m struggling to see the shape now. I’ve got a beats treatment and am working to that but need to get the shape of the entire thing so I can then have some time next week working to the Friday delivery and I need to to do that on paper. There is no requirement of the scheme to have an entire new draft but that’s what i’m doing. Spent most of my time trying to focus the ‘journey’ of the two main characters and feel there’s a definite improvement.

Curve Playwrighting Scheme Meeting

March 6, 2014

Had my meeting today with Suba Das and Henry Swindell to chat 57 Images.
Good to see that the faults in the script were obvious to spot. Got a month to remedy. The idea is that the presentation on 12th April won’t be script in hand so actors’ll have a week or so with script before working on staging days before the showings.
My script is ambitious and asks big questions so already working on ideas generated as a result of the feedback. Script has been around for time so be good to feel that I’ve cracked it with this next draft.

Curve Playwriting Competition

February 19, 2014

Officially informed today that I’m one of 7 playwrights selected for the Curve Theatre’s Playwriting Competition with ’57 Images of My Father’.
There’s going to be a reading event at the Curve on Saturday 12th April.
Winner, announced on the night gets a year of R&D.
Judges are:

Suba Das
Henry Swindell
Henderson Mullin
Neil Macpherson
Ishy Din and
Dawn King.

Good opportunity for me to crack this project that’s been around in my head for awhile. Something’s missing and I still can’t feel what it is yet.
I’ll update as I go along.

award season

January 7, 2013

I always like this time of year because as the Oscars approach screenplays from the last 12 months or so become easily accessible as all the ‘for your consideration’-ing mean the studios, productions companies, MGM, The Weinstein Company, etc put all of their wannabes in one place. All pdf’s. There are lots of alternative sites, I like Drew’s-scriptorama over simply scripts and imsdb but slight irritation at the multiple formats (html, pdf, doc) as I prefer pdfs for my e-reader.
Writer’s Guild on twitter had a link to some of the sites but I guess if you search around directly on the sites you’ll find the downloads available.
The only problem with reading these if you’ve not seen the film was highlighted when I watched The Iron Lady last night I spent the first 20 minutes convinced I’d seen the film already. Reading the screenplay about a year ago but not seeing the film until last night was the problem. Usually the gap is shorter between the reading and the seeing.

channel 4 screenwriting opportunity

October 29, 2012

Just seen this.

Hurry up though as deadline is 7th November.
All writers have ‘drawer’ projects though right?

Award Season 2012 Scripts

February 3, 2012

CBS News have posted Award Season 2012 scripts. As they say “many studios post pdfs of screenplays online as part of their marketing for Oscar and guild award consideration.”

cbs celebrity circuit logo

cbs celebrity circuit logo

You can find individual links to pdf’ versions of the script available to download. Most of the scripts have the correct filename but 3 or 4 are called script.pdf so you might want to check the filename and rename appropriately.

Verity Bargate Award

January 12, 2011

Soho Theatre are doing the push for this years Verity Bargate award.

The deadline for script submissions is March 11th 2011.

2010 My creative audit

December 27, 2010

It’s that time of year to look back on the year as I look forward into 2011. Just gone through my posts for the year in an attempt to provoke reflection and analysis of the work I’ve done this year.

Came to the conclusion that I need to do more projects this upcoming year. Need to get back into writing Screenplays having focused on Stageplays for the last three years. I’ve spent alot of 2010 writing two stageplays that have been enjoyable and beneficial but may or may not ever see the light of day. Want to have  more projects on the go so will push on with finishing rewrites on The Remaining Five Wives of Fela Kuti and 57 Images of My Father so as to be in a position to make them into action over the next 12 months or put them to bed. Got two new ideas (another stageplay and a police procedural TV screenplay) that I want to work on as well as my SciFi feature script Carcass that I really need to do a rewrite on.

Also thought about the work I’ve enjoyed this year. The Turner vs The Masters show in January was my personal favourite. Read today that the Arcola Theatre have Rebecca Lenkiewicz’s show about Turner opening in January 2011 so hoping to go and see that.  Also really enjoyed Jerusalem and Fela! My favourite film caught this year was actually one released in 2006 Stranger Than Fiction. Trailer I know this is a cheat but the script was fantastic and I only caught it for the first time this week but really enjoyed it more than any other film I’ve seen this year.

So onwards and upwards into 2011.

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