57 Images latest draft

March 28, 2014

80-odd pages into my latest draft of 57 Images Of My Father. Working on it for the Inside Out competition I’ve posted about earlier.

The festival wil show a ten minute extract of all 7 selected writer’s work.  I’ve decided my extract section I think but reserving judgement until I get to the end of the draft. Chosen a section that has high energy and has the comic aspects that are an important element of what is quite an esoteric idea. The set-up’ll need some explanation though. I was going to go from the first ten minutes as that is also comic and would have provided some of the exposition but think the new extract selection will be better for the audience to enjoy. Whatever section will be out of context so might as well go with one that pushes the actors and will be fun to play with for all involved in setting up the extracts.

I’m at the stage where I need to print the draft out as I’m struggling to see the shape now. I’ve got a beats treatment and am working to that but need to get the shape of the entire thing so I can then have some time next week working to the Friday delivery and I need to to do that on paper. There is no requirement of the scheme to have an entire new draft but that’s what i’m doing. Spent most of my time trying to focus the ‘journey’ of the two main characters and feel there’s a definite improvement.

Finished ‘Into the Woods’ story structure book

March 14, 2014

Finished Into the Woods by John Yorke.


Into The Woods by John Yorke

Good read. Felt that I’d understood alot after reading it. It has the advantage of specifically referencing other screenwriting books and at times I felt that the authors of some of these books might want the right of reply but it is a very comprehensive look at storytelling.
Not sure if this chimed more as a result of me currently rewriting ’57 Images of My Father’ and I also can’t remember if I feel this way after reading any screenplay books but I certainly enjoyed the read. It’s not really a ‘how to’ book which I think is to its advantage.
Check it out. I got it from my local library and am considering buying it as I sped read it a little.

not blogging enough

March 21, 2013

Not blogging enough coz not reading enough.
Not reading enough coz not writing enough.
Need to remedy.
Sooner than asap.

The Rain Before It Falls

December 10, 2012

Reading Before The Rain Falls by Jonathan Coe. I’ve heard good things about Carve Up but I’d not read any of his work before reading Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim a few weeks ago. Before Rain was bought for me because of the similarities with my stageplay 57 Images of My Father in that it is built around 20 photos that one of the characters appears to be going to describe. Only 40 pages in but Intriguing so far.


November 30, 2011

About to embark on a rewrite of 57 Images of My Father. Done the sketching on paper and next step is to fire up Final Draft and get cracking on it. I’ve posted many a time on my love of rewriting and I’ve found this post that discusses The Rewrite in detail. You may or may not agree with how he structures the rewrite process, doesn’t matter, have a think about what you’ve read anyway.

Here’s a John August post on the issue.

The promise of the rewrite is very sweet. (Hoffman, 2006)

57 Images development day-thoughts

September 22, 2011

Two days of development ended today. Left me with lots of thoughts, some good questions prompted by the participants, Ollie Smith, Rochi Rampal, Bianca Winter, Barret Hodgson, Kate Chapman and invited audience Rachel Briscoe and Hannah Nicklin. The major question that has come out of it for me is whether the audience interaction had envisaged is necessary at all, the piece has the potential to do lots of engagement with the ideas so more might be too much. If Audience interaction/interactivity is the way to go then how much and how now? Ponder for a while and then take it forward to the next point, some kind of Grant application.

Good meetings

September 8, 2011

Had a couple of really good productive meetings in the last two days. First was with Bianca Winter of TWP and Barret Hodgson of ventmedia. We discussed our likely approach to the development days upcoming on 57 Images Of My Father. Second meeting was a phone meeting with Director Poonam Brah about the short film version of Ending Panel, a monologue for the stage written by me in 2009 and Directed by Poonam. Hoping to make this now, now now.

It seems, on the surface, all things considered, weighing up pros and cons, that the Arts Council ‘done fucked up’ to paraphrase Mr Spike Lee in their decision to stop funding twp. It closes down in July 2012 and as yet the process of how new work is developed in the region is still up in the air, unknown to the practitioners, yet to be scribble on the back of an envelope by those tasked with spending our money on the creative theatre-making process in the region.

We live in hope that one decisions will be well-considered, well-communicated with responsibility taken for that process and that decision.

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