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December 29, 2013

Got a lot of different types of writing to do over the next few months. Mixture of creative, academic research papers and session plans etc. I reckon about 15,000-20,00 words.

Transmedia Storytelling Conference Abstract accepted

December 19, 2013

Just found out that my abstract ‘Transmedia Storytelling: the pebble in the pond and the indecisive moment’ has been accepted.
Hopefully that means a week in Lisbon in May. The conference sounds really good, none of this large, multi-parallel session nonsense. Small, active participation. Really looking forward to it.

BBC Radio Nottingham Snowman Spoof Xmas ad

December 13, 2013

Hitesh Chavda was Associate Producer and film was produced through his production company Monkey Media Productions. Pete Balogun worked on shoot. Tom Roberts, Nisa Kelly, and Kalab Khaliq, three final year multimedia students from ntu, were the crew and shot alot of behind the scenes footage that is still to come. Helen Ansell from ICan Creative, nottingham made the snowman prop, Song was performed by sabrina sandhu with backing vocal by nina smith.
Film was heavily supported by Lei Cox, Head of Department for Visual Communication at Nottingham Trent University.

Staff at all the locations featured in the film were really helpful and we had a really good, productive time making the ad.
Note for the groucher on Nottingham Evening Post site where you can also see the film, No TV license fee money was spent on the production of this ad!

You can also see the ad via radio nottingham facebook page.

Masters Film Practice projects this year

December 13, 2013

Got some interesting post-graduate projects to supervise this year. One I’m finding really intriguing at the moment is the one of surface division in film. Bruce Block has written about this but it seems like most of the work is more on aspect ratio so this important composition technique is going to be interesting I think.

Transmedia Storytelling Conference

December 3, 2013

Just sent off an abstract for this conference on transmedia storytelling

My paper is called Transmedia Storytelling: The Pebble in the Pond & the Indecisive Moment.

Conference takes place in Lisbon in May. Hopefully it’ll be accepted and I can speak and present on narrative structure once more.

Red Scarlet

December 1, 2013

Been shooting with a Red Scarlet last weekend, Friday and today, Sunday.

RedScarletX image

Red Scarlet X

Not Directed anything for literally years and so enjoyed this shoot. I’m Producer/Director on this so thinking about budget and logistics as much as tone and feel.
Doing a spoof xmas ad for BBC Radio Nottingham. The Red seems so versatile. Tom Pierrepont shot it for me.
Been getting into post as we used a 3D printed model to augment some shots. Bought. some fake snow. The 3D model greenscreen shoot was to potentially replace some shots with the snow. We had to dress a couple of sets and so the 3D was a back up if it didn’t look so good but it does.
The snow comes from Snow Business based out of Stroud, Gloucestershire. They did first Narnia film.
It gives a really good immediate visual. We were shooting out in public places and it went down well with kids.
Produced a quick BTS edit last night and that was good fun.
Red allows a 4K version so that is what we are aiming for.
Colour correcting in Red Cine X

Red Cine X

Red Cine X

Grading in DaVinci.


DaVinci Resolve

Amazing that both of these software tools are free.
Finished Edit delivered week after next so I’ll be posting a link to the film soon.

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