Current Reading Material

September 26, 2013

I’m currently reading America: Empire of Liberty by David Reynolds at the moment. Really good account of the history of America



I started reading Connected by Christakis but have now putting it back in the Library. This is a book about social networks, not social networking as in Facebook et al but the principals that drive social networks



Once I’ve done this I’m staying out of the local library for a while as I’m then moving onto Robert Caro’s biography of Lyndon Johnson.


My scant knowledge of Johnson is of him as the ultimate cynical politician but yet the Civil Rights and Voting Acts make me pause. Looking forward to reading thess

Fela Kuti film

September 16, 2013

From this Variety story it looks like Steve Mcqueen is no longer doing Fela Kuti movie.

I guess more will be revealed over the coming weeks and months but I think this is the same project as was announced for McQueen maybe 18 months ago. James Schamus, writer/producer who works with ang lee for focus was announced as collaborating with McQueen and is part of the above press release so I figure it’s same project with a new Director.

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