Local Library

I know I’ve said it a million times but local libraries are such fantastic resources. I’m currently reading Hunting Evil by Guy Walters (at the chapter where he’s  just about to launch in Simon Wiesenthal), I was struck by The Taste of War by Liz Collingham. Subtitled WW2 and the battle for food it examines the food in conflict. On a visit to take back a book I read about Billy Hill a 50’s gangster I picked up Peter Doggett’s There’s a Riot Going On. Revolutionaries, rock stars and the rise and fall of the 60’s counter-culture and Dorian Lynskey’s 33 Revolutions per Minute, a in depth examination of 33 protest songs. James Brown, Billy Bragg, Bobby D, The Clash, Billie Holliday, Public Enemy all have the context behind specific songs looked at. Finally I ordered Humbug: the PT Barnum biog for 40p from another site.

six book covers


All from the library. Wicked. 40p. 6Books. Weeks of enjoyment for 40p.


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