international Conference Cinema: Technology, Art, Communication 2013

March 28, 2013

Yesterday my ‘Marvelisation” Paper got accepted into the International Conference Cinema: Technology, Arts, Communication 2013 in Avanca, Portugal. Hoping now get money together to go and present paper for its inclusion in the book that is published following the conference.
Done variery of reading and writing the paper up now. Need to do more on Disney and Star Wars and timeliness of paper’s topic makes this easy enough.
I think we’re heading for a new, dominant period of Disneyfication in Hollywood cinema over the next decade, two decades and paper adopts this position as its thesis.


March 23, 2013

Just finished Untouchable a big fat biog of Michael Jackson. Almost the whole Jackson family come out of it very badly. Parents and Jackson’s siblings painted as money-grabbing, selfish leechs.
Fear for the kids living in that atmosphere and for when they come into all that money.
Now reading The Google Guys by Richard L Brandt.

drought to flood

March 22, 2013

Of course as soon as I start reading material for my paper is get new ideas about older ongoing projects. Furiously note-taking as I jump between three projects.
But as ever it will be a test of ‘apres le deluge’

not blogging enough

March 21, 2013

Not blogging enough coz not reading enough.
Not reading enough coz not writing enough.
Need to remedy.
Sooner than asap.

Marvel- Avanca Cinema Conference

March 1, 2013

Reading this book at the moment as prep for my Avanca paper, if selected for the conference.

History of Marvel Book

2012 Book about Marvel by Sean Howe

There are no pictures!!! I know, I know. I guess the rights were too difficult to sort. Any one you who has a little knowledge of comics and comic book adaptations will know the rights are all over the shop. I guess author Sean Howe couldn’t resolve it enough to include some images.

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