Avanca abstract submitted

February 23, 2013

Submitted my abstract for Avanca Cinema Conference a couple of days ago.
The title is “Marvelization: The Rise of Complex Narratology on the Hollywood Screen.”
Lovely title isn’t it. I like it so insist that you must also.
Should find out if paper is accepted April time so quite a wait
The conference is July 24-28.

Avanca Cinema Conference & Film Festival 2013

February 14, 2013

Got my Avanca Cinema 2013 conference abstract nearly done. Worked out which of the two ideas I’m going to go with and it’s the screenplay writing idea. Makes a lot of sense given my own experience.
The structure is just about there in a combination of my head and on paper. Aiming to get it complete this time next week so I can see it for a few days before I send it off for 27th (not 28th as I may have said previously).
Will try to develop the other idea for next year/another conference I think.
I need to get on with some of the stage and screen ideas also soon and not spend all my writing time working on journal articles and conference papers. Got a lot to do and need to get back to doing it.

Avanca Cinema Conference

February 7, 2013

Trying to go to Avanca Cinema Conference in Avanca, Portugal later this year. Now know what I’m going to be writing about so working on the paper now.
Tried to go for a number of years as the conference plus film festival always sounds interesting year after year.
Let’s hope I can get it together this year and go. Conference is in July but got 28th Feb deadline for the abstract. Got two different ideas I’m working on.

For Your Consideration screenplays links

February 6, 2013

Thanks to No Film School for an easy place to be able to download the For Your Consideration screenplays from this year’s award season.

go here for the link. Most will take you directly to the pdf.

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