award season

I always like this time of year because as the Oscars approach screenplays from the last 12 months or so become easily accessible as all the ‘for your consideration’-ing mean the studios, productions companies, MGM, The Weinstein Company, etc put all of their wannabes in one place. All pdf’s. There are lots of alternative sites, I like Drew’s-scriptorama over simply scripts and imsdb but slight irritation at the multiple formats (html, pdf, doc) as I prefer pdfs for my e-reader.
Writer’s Guild on twitter had a link to some of the sites but I guess if you search around directly on the sites you’ll find the downloads available.
The only problem with reading these if you’ve not seen the film was highlighted when I watched The Iron Lady last night I spent the first 20 minutes convinced I’d seen the film already. Reading the screenplay about a year ago but not seeing the film until last night was the problem. Usually the gap is shorter between the reading and the seeing.


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