my Writing Year in Review

December 31, 2012

Not a very productive year for me as regards outputs. Lots of things started but nothing completed to the level I would want. Relationships initiated, twp ended, work continues.
Trying for more focused, strategic 2013.
I’m good at tactics but lots of room to go strategically. Always a difficulty for me, being a journey not destination person.
Hope you have an exciting 2013.


December 24, 2012

Un examen a ver si los bots les gusta este mensaje

The Rain Before It Falls

December 10, 2012

Reading Before The Rain Falls by Jonathan Coe. I’ve heard good things about Carve Up but I’d not read any of his work before reading Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim a few weeks ago. Before Rain was bought for me because of the similarities with my stageplay 57 Images of My Father in that it is built around 20 photos that one of the characters appears to be going to describe. Only 40 pages in but Intriguing so far.

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