channel 4 screenwriting opportunity

October 29, 2012

Just seen this.

Hurry up though as deadline is 7th November.
All writers have ‘drawer’ projects though right?

JMW Turner film

October 23, 2012

Really hope this film comes to pass.

So many films are announced that don’t manage to make it. My favourite painter so would love to see this as a film. Generally enjoyed the Toby Jones play of a couple of years ago that was at the Arcola Theatre and hopefully any film would have the scale that Turner demands.

new project

October 18, 2012

Working on a new spec project that I envisage as a TV drama series of three or four 60 minute dramas. I had what I thought was a great title, Cuckoo until I saw a trailer for a BBC sitcom with the same name a few weeks ago. Not actually seen the series. I’ve now got alternative not as good titles. Nice scene planned to start with tomorrow and then onto to character bible/profiles. What do you mean that’s the wrong way round?

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