Making Tracks

Went To Making Tracks, Theatre Writing Partnership (twp)’s last event last night.
It encapsulated everything about what was good about twp. 7 theatre-makers (including one company) received a little bit of funding to go on a journey.
It was funded as a speculative, research with a small, light touch ‘r’ to see what might develop creatively from the journeys using the impetus for the journey as a guide.
It was brilliant to hear the results as the theatremakers presented them on the main stage of the Playhouse.
The event also acted as a celebration and a distillation of why twp was important and significant for the region. I was sat next to Tyron Huggins, just returned from touring The Honey Man. That production sprung from a twp initiative in 2009.
So although twp closes in three weeks time, the physic trails, connections and spirit of Making Tracks and indeed twp will long continue, in for and of the region and in, for and of internationally.
Congratulations to all those involved in twp’s journey over these last 11 years.


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