enjoying why and while i write

April 28, 2012

Thinking about writing in lots of different forms recently. The Screenplay, the Stageplay, the Speech, the Research Paper, the Narrative and not so much the form, the Outline and the Proposal as these are all modes of writing that I have employed/employing over the last month or so and will be employing over the next two months and beyond.
The mechanics of writing for me is the challenge that I like to try and rise to. How to reveal my thinking. I was think of two analogies for this, house versus home and visual effects (vfx).
A home is about emotion and a house is about materials.
Vfx’s are used to both hide and reveal.
Take a look at this example of the mundane and the spectacular effect.
Mechanics leading to Organic, that magical alchemy is the script.
The aim to create scripts lines that float by yet have been organised, rewritten, rehearsed to mostly feel organic but sometimes written to reveal their form. The Stage example might be how the piece addresses the interval or the direct address/monologue form of writing for the stage.
The Roger Moore Bond-era quip or yippekaiyeh motherfucker of Die Hard 2. Tarantino does this balancing act really well as does/did? (not seen his stuff for a while) Woody Allen.
Trying to use the mechanics of the form to rise above the mechanics of the form to communicate my thinking is why I enjoy while I write.

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