Defining Contributions Keynote preparation 2- photography project

March 19, 2012

As part of my Defining Contributions keynote I think I have to create a mini-photography project. I’ve made a note in my presentation which involves me taking photos of parents holding the acoutrements of their daily trip to school, Lunchboxes, scooters and the like.

I say think because I can’t for the life of me remember how this fits. I figured I had better embark on it and then hope that I work it out because the alternative migh be to work it out but then it might be too late to include so embark and then include if and when it makes sense.

Zinc- Cuckoo

March 14, 2012

Working on a new short with Actor Vinta Morgan and Director Colin Charles entitled Cuckoo. We’ve developed a character from an earlier short that I wrote late last year. It was shot over the weekend and is being edited. New one we’re planning steps it all up a gear as regards characterisation and execution. The first, Zinc of A Thing was shot by camera op from Idiots Abroad and this next one has fight sequences stunts and i’m trying to get some animal wrangling in there also. Aiming to shoot a few months down the line.

These are all about professionals wanting to make work and just taking that energy and making the work.

Defining Contributions Keynote preparation1

March 13, 2012

Been working on my keynote for the Defining Contributions keynote I’ve been asked to deliver at the PhD conference in May. The title is “Mirror, Mirror? The Poverty, Problem and Purpose of Comparison”. My abstract is:

“Architect Richard Rogers described Architecture as “public space held by buildings” (Higgins, 2012). I think research is “thinking held by artefacts”. The themes of this presentation are the Poverty, Problem and Purpose of Comparison; the patience of perspirations; the restless inquiry; the SCAMPER and morphological models of innovation. It seeks to ask the listener to embrace the 4am terror of the creative individual as a truly original endless resource.”

Got a good structure and probably all of the material sorted. Next is the “verbals” to support the images used to represent the ideas present. Aiming to have a draft done so that i can then spend April refining the “verbals” so I can deliver an interesting, invigorating, lively presentation.

Wander around the website Defining Contributions as more and more interesting stuff is being populated on the site as the conference gets nearer.

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