Audition Piece script

October 18, 2011

Writing up an audition piece for My Man Vinta Morgan. Aiming for a five-minute monologue. Got the premise but need to work out the physical location so that can add to the piece regardless of whether this space is visualised or not.

Vinta Morgan as Hamlet Image

Vinta Morgan as Hamlet

Trying for charming, nuanced and modern. Just like the man him damn self

BAFTA Screenwriters Lecture series

October 4, 2011

Link here to Bafta’s screenwriters interview series.

BAFTA screenwriting interview series

BAFTA screenwriting interview series page grab

Screenshot shows a selection of the writers interviewed. Bookmark the page and return over the months and years as more recent interviews are uplaoded.  Site has clips or longer full length interview.

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