57 Images development day-thoughts

September 22, 2011

Two days of development ended today. Left me with lots of thoughts, some good questions prompted by the participants, Ollie Smith, Rochi Rampal, Bianca Winter, Barret Hodgson, Kate Chapman and invited audience Rachel Briscoe and Hannah Nicklin. The major question that has come out of it for me is whether the audience interaction had envisaged is necessary at all, the piece has the potential to do lots of engagement with the ideas so more might be too much. If Audience interaction/interactivity is the way to go then how much and how now? Ponder for a while and then take it forward to the next point, some kind of Grant application.

57 Images development day upcoming

September 20, 2011

57 Images development day one of two happening tomorrow. Looking forward to what the day brings. I like this kind of research where there is a plan to experiment and invent, some structure but really open also. We will be presenting whatever we come up with after the two days to an invited audience so looking forward to their feedback on whatever we come up. Now must get back to trying to format the usb that doesn’t do what it says on the tin so I can bring along some material.



Good meetings

September 8, 2011

Had a couple of really good productive meetings in the last two days. First was with Bianca Winter of TWP and Barret Hodgson of ventmedia. We discussed our likely approach to the development days upcoming on 57 Images Of My Father. Second meeting was a phone meeting with Director Poonam Brah about the short film version of Ending Panel, a monologue for the stage written by me in 2009 and Directed by Poonam. Hoping to make this now, now now.

It seems, on the surface, all things considered, weighing up pros and cons, that the Arts Council ‘done fucked up’ to paraphrase Mr Spike Lee in their decision to stop funding twp. It closes down in July 2012 and as yet the process of how new work is developed in the region is still up in the air, unknown to the practitioners, yet to be scribble on the back of an envelope by those tasked with spending our money on the creative theatre-making process in the region.

We live in hope that one decisions will be well-considered, well-communicated with responsibility taken for that process and that decision.

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