August 24, 2011

I hope you caught Random on Channel 4 recently. If not you can find it here through 4od catchup service. This was an adaptation by Debbie Tucker Green of her original stageplay put on at the Royal Court Downstairs in 2008. The play is a one-woman show and what was so powerful about the TV adaptation written and Directed By Debbie Tucker Green is how she went about using the televisual form. ‘Opening up’ of plays is a common expression that ordinarily means taking the one-stage location idea and taking the piece to locations alluded to in the stage production but not necessarily visualised on stage. This approach was very different. The ‘one-woman playing many different characters ‘ approach of the stageplay was handled extremely well. It remained theatrical but was definitely a film. Many theatre practitioners I feel don’t manage this transition particularly well. A previous post of mine places Dany Boyle as the theatre to film director who, in my opinion has consistently, best handled this transition.

Random poster Image

Try and see it if you can. Nadine Marshall is fantastic.


57 Images Development Days progress

August 18, 2011

Had an interesting meeting with Bianca Winter from TWP about 57 Images of My Father and in particular the development couple of days lined up for the third week of September at Guildhall in Derby. Lots of interesting conversation about how the technological and audience interaction possibilities in the script that spring from the plot might be explored. The development days are focused on the aesthetic of the visual, the various digital possibilities of presentation and interaction and the overall shape of the piece rather than the ambition of the two days being to work up a plot/character rewrite. There are though a number of unwanted contradictory ideas and script diversions that need to be addressed at some point and my expectation is that these days will help with that process also. Working with TWP and Barret from Ventmedia on the development process so going to be fun.

Walt Disney Bio

August 5, 2011

Reading Neil Gabler’s Walt Disney Bio that I saw in the locl library.

Disney Bio Book Cover

Disney Bio Book Cover

I’m not particularly a Disney fan but I am a Gabler fan after reading An Empire of Their Own his book on how Jewish immigrants to America created the Movie Business.

empire of their own cover image

empire of their own cover image

That’s one of the great things about libraries isnt it, reading books that you wouldnt necessarily spend money on buying.

Why my Ideas?

August 3, 2011

Wow was my reaction when I read on the Guardian website that Cary Fukunaga (Sin Nombre(2009)- yet to see but want to see and Jane Eyre(2011) Never read and not likely to see or read) is in development to direct this high concept film Spaceless. Assassins floating in space!! Wow where did that come from? Why don’t I have ideas like that? This isn’t to mean that I wish i’d come up with that idea but really more why do I come up with my ideas and others come up with their ideas? What is it about our character, life experience and aspirations that lead us to think, dream, develop creative ideas in particular, specific, individual, unique ways?

So i’ve been wandering around the net thinking about this and have seen people talking about this guy -Ronald S. Burt, a sociologist, says: “Creativity is an import-export game. It’s not a creation game.”. Check out this site by Danah Boyd who chats about the idea generation concept. Good reading I found. I’m going to try and get this Burt guys book to have a read but my summary before i’ve read anything is “go out and meet people different to yourself and different to each other and make the connections”  so from a stageplay or screenplay idea this perhaps defines the more recent high concept mashups  of recent ilk (abraham Lincoln: vampire hunter, Cowboys and Aliens, Bride and Predjudice, etc, etc.

Be keen to see Spaceless if it ever comes to pass.


August 1, 2011

Was reading about In Time the new film by Andrew ‘Gattaca’ Niccol and was struck by the similarities with my sciFi script Carcass. The themes and presentation of Age in the future in particular resonate. Niccoll’s Gattaca has similar themes also. DNA modification is such a sci-fi trope.

Been thinking about Carcass a lot recently and really, really need to do another draft. I’ve lots of good notes from the last reader to work on but been concentrating on stageplays for the last two years so not gone back to it. My recent screenplay (adaptation of a stageplay of mine) for a short film potentially shooting this August, has perhaps gotten me thinking about screenplays again. And this when I have a couple of development days on 57 Images Of My Father due in September too.


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