57 Images of My Father- Development

July 23, 2011

Looking like i’m going to be doing a couple of days development work on 57 Images of My Father late September. TWP are trying to organise two days of working with actors and Barret Hodgson of Ventmedia to see what we can come up with. I’ve gotten a number of ambitious ideas for presentation of the work and it’ll be good to just see how that might represent themselves in the reality of trying to make technical ideas work that can work from a production sense. The two days won’t allow me to try out alot of the more complicated ideas but the technical exploration of those ideas will be good to work through. Going to be working at the Derby Assembly Rooms with some sort of presentation to an invited audience for feedback purposes at the end of the two days.

Rebels On The Backlot

July 3, 2011

About to start reading Rebels On The Backlot. It looks like its going to be a deliciously trashy read. I suspect author Sharon Waxman has, like Peter Biskind (easy riders, raging bulls; Down and Dirty Pictures, Warren Beatty biog) has a number of these Hollywood expose`s planned.
Got library book 1415, Ian Mortimer’s about Henry V’s year of glory to read first.

Danny Boyle- Best Theatre to Film transition?

July 1, 2011

I’ve taken it to mind recently that Danny Boyle is the Theatre Director who has made the best transition to Film Director over the last fifty years of British theatre/cinema history. There are lots of Directors who have worked in both Theatre and Film and continue to work in both but Boyle is now predominantly a film director unlike Mendes, Olivier for example. I don’t think Frankenstein heralds a return to the Theatre. I believe he has made the best transition because he understands that cinema is about energy and movement and that the camera is the primary storyteller.  Look at his films. I make this statement not from an exhaustive analysis of his film work but from instinct. Lots of Directors who make this transition think that moving the camera about is film and whilst Boyle often throws his camera all over the shop he uses that movement to storytell. I was thinking of international directors who might compare and I came up with Kurosawa and Welles.

Any thoughts?

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