Field Of Dreams Moments

June 23, 2011

Been having Fields of Dreams moments recently. I hope you’ve seen the 1989 film where if he builds it ‘he will come’. I was talking about a project which I hadn’t heard any progress on and then the Director got in touch, yesterday I was being interviewed about my Decibel Performing Arts Showcase experience. As part of the interview I was talking about how I have had national but not international profile, this morning woke up to an email from New York from someone looking for a chat about collaboration after seeing the video of my Decibel 09 pitch. If you build it they will come.

Rebels on the Backlot: 6 Maverick Directors and How They Conquered the Hollywood Studio System

June 14, 2011

Just ordered this from Amazon.

Rebels On The Backlot

Rebels On The Backlot Cover Image

Just under £7.00 and as I’m a sucker for these kinds of books I couldn’t resist. I’ve got a number of these types of books. We might all pick six different Directors but I’m sure the book will be good with the ones featured. I’ll post with thoughts once I’ve completed it.

In Black and White: the untold story of Joe Louis and Jesse Owens, by Donald McRae

June 10, 2011

Reading this book at the moment


Joe Louis and Jesse Owens

I think it’s the same Donald McRae who writes for the Guardian newspaper. What’s amazing to me is this is a world described that’s not that long ago. The idea of having to live in those times is frightening and the sense of all the potential careers, sporting or otherwise that have and are curtailed through prejudice. Check it out if you can. My copy is from my local library.

The Science of Watching films

June 6, 2011

Interesting podcats/video post here on the Guardian newspaper website today about the science of how people watch films. Eye-tracking equipment and a scene from There Will Be Blood. Check it out before I drink your milshake.

You’ll need to watch the video as well. You’ll find the the link to the video on the same page as the podcast.

Fela Comes Home Radio 4

June 4, 2011

Just listened to Fela Kuti Comes Home doco on Radio 4 via the BBC Iplayer. Originally broadcast on Tuesday the 30 minute doco has contrubtions from Family, Manager and Kalakuta attendees.

Not alot of new stuff there for people who know the Fela stories.

You can find it here for a listen yourself.

Looking forward to the Kalakutians a new play coming up soon.

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