Fela doc on Radio this week

May 28, 2011

Documentary this coming week on Radio4 about the Fela! Musical as it premieres in Nigeria. Read some stuff a few weeks ago about the cast taking the show to The New Shrine in Lagos. The show’s Tuesday 31st BBC Radio 4 1.30 pm.

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May 26, 2011

Lab Night 2 took place on Friday 20th May at Bunkers Hill. (cheers again for the free use of the function room Bunkers Hill) A good number of people there for the first time which was good to see. The focus of the evening was new work and so new work was presented and well received it was too. Requests for signup to an experimental project presented on the night so go to http://www.covernomics.org/ to sign up if interested. The next meeting takes place soon so keep an eye on your email for details. If not a member check out the emtac Home page and send an email to the address indicated if interested in joining. Details of the next Lab Night will follow as and when.

EMTAC Presentation Lab Night2

May 12, 2011

EMTAC Presentation Lab Night2 takes place at Bunkers Hill again. Friday night 7.30 20th May.

The focus of this presentation is new work, work that hasn’t been presented anywhere else, work that might therefore be more unformed, more experimental, more in progress, than otherwise and than the work presented at EMTAC Lab Night 1.

Come along, upstairs function room.

Check out www.emtac.org.uk for rules of engagement. Join if you are about collaboration, sharing, the visibility of the arts, lobbying and not necessarily in that order. Writer, Director, Perfomer, Producer, sound artist, Actor, all welcome.

EMTAC sprung from the perceived need by East Midlands Theatre Artists to form a collective of freelancers in order to use that momentum to achieve some of the above. If not now when, right?

I’m co-curating Lab Night2 night alongside Writer Andy Barrett. I am now going to take the opportunity to plug Andy’s upcoming show at the Nottingham Playhouse League of Youth.

So far we have Dominic Shaw, Louise Singleton, an audio piece by Adam McCready and myself presenting pieces. Mine is based on a dream. I have very little idea what it is. It might go horribly wrong! Ha.

eReader ease

May 9, 2011

Amazon’s Kindle wifi download as such an advantage over the Sony eReader. Sony’s you have to download application, which is a xxxx to find from the adobe site I found, then install (choosing which machine to put it on as this is a crucial decision and software only allows one installation on ‘main’ machine) then when buying a book log in to site download book to your ‘main’ machine where you then transfer file to your device.

Sony eReader

Sony eReader

Amazon’s Kindle as I understand it you have to make sure you have a good wifi connection and then go through the menu system. Sounds like a whole lot easier!

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

I’ve mainly got books from www.gutenberg.org project so only bought two books. The third one i’ve found very  problematic. Download failed twice with money having to be refunder back to my card, which in itself is a hassle because of course you can’t phone anybody you have to email. I’ve now abandoned trying to buy the book. I went eReader so as to limit the physical copies of books I have and also as I can read pdf versions of my scripts as i’m working on them and save the printing out of the script. I was told that after 40 books the Kindle becomes carbon neutral, not sure what the equivalent number is on the eReader.

I understand the difference between hardware manufacturers like Sony and ‘virtual’ manufacturers like Amazon but one despairs sometimes at the nature of tech development sometimes. Oh for open standards.

Script for EMTAC Lab Night 2

May 5, 2011

Going to write up the dream I had recently for EMTAC lab night 2 coming up soon.
Going to write it as a monologue so it works for the stage but I imagine it really as a film with lots visual effects, a combination of Persepolis style mixed with Waking Life mixed with Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
The idea is a bit Children of Men meets V for Vendetta. All sounds a bit generic for me but see what happens shall we.

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