Script Magazine

April 30, 2011

Finally got around to reading Script magazine.



Script is free to registered Final Draft users. They have some similar content on the web site associated with the magazine so check that out.

The magazine is very American focused but not overly surprised by this. There are six issues a year. May/June’s has a good article on rewriting and on getting feedback.

DSLR Cinema Guide

April 29, 2011

Focal Press publish this guide to shooting with DSLR cameras.



I’ve heard it’s a very good book and have ordered a copy to have a read myself.

It’s written by Kurt Lancaster who I think is an american academic. Check out his site

Site might give a flavour of the book. I’m tempted to buy DSLR myself but I don’t really shoot enough to justify it. The way I’m thinking it might prompt me to shoot more. Not short films but short, short ‘other stuff’.

Dream as Graphic Novel

April 28, 2011

Had a fantastic dream recently that when I awoke from it knew it had to be realised in another form. It was a mixture of Children of Men, Kafka-esque moments, felt a bit David Mitchell (Number 9 Dream,  Cloud Atlas, Black Swan Green etc) and those potentially quite depressing ‘dsytopian shit future we’re all heading towards’ stories.


Number9dream book cover

Film was the most obvious medium as the dream ended at a really good point for act breaks and the like but after more thought I realised a graphic novel might be better. Trying to work up the narrative to then take it further. Not got a title yet but thinking something to do with Plastic Hearts. Tyhen need to do some research on Graphic Novels as I know almost nothing about these.

The Bridge

April 22, 2011

Finished The Bridge by David Remnick. The biography of 44th US President Barack Obama is well written. Remnick has very good access and tells a compelling story of Obama as the bridge between the civil rights era black leader and the professional politician. ‘Risen without trace’ is an expression that comes to mind as Obama has no ‘obvious’ achievements to draw on his undoubted skill as a politician. One gets the sense that he was saving his achievements for when he could really make a difference and that the ascent was in the hands of someone who always had enough experience to take advantage of the good fortune in and around him.
A true figure of his age.

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Book Conference Paper accepted for Journal

April 18, 2011

Received the typeset proof today of the paper presented at the International Conference on The Book 2010. Conference took place at St Gallen University , Switzerland.


Typical House in St Gallen centre

My paper (hold on as it’s the longest title in history) The Book an Adaptation from the Film: Technology, Narrative, Business & How the Book Industry Might Adapt the Film was subsequently accepted for publication in the journal that accompanies the conference and will appear in the next volume, volume number 8.  There’s a couple of minor proofing corrections to do. Not entirely sure of the journal publication date but will no doubt post when I do know.

There’s a video here of the famous Abbey Library in St Gallen. Video isn’t really allowed so I took this on my phone hiding behind a pillar.

The next Book Conference takes place in Toronto, Canada in October. Never been to Toronto but this street in St Gallen looked fantastic so be hard to beat for very different experience to my norm.

Clothes as Film Narrative device

April 17, 2011

Was talking to a student yesterday who is doing a research project about clothes as Narrative devices. We were talking about how costume drama easily lends itself to this, Portrait of a Lady, The Piano, The Age Of Innocence, etc, etc. The old silent Harold Lloyd-era films also lend themselves to looking at this. We then starting looking at Contemporary films where Attack The Block was mentioned as it is being sold a little as another ‘Hoody’ film. I really like this idea of the costume as a real device. The swathe of Red Riding Hood films coming up will be interesting on this point.

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Ending Panel screenplay

April 11, 2011

Adapting Ending Panel into a screenplay. Stageplay is a monologue written for Royal & Derngate’s Young Britain series of shorts and it was staged in one of the spaces at the Derngate in 2009 (or was it 2010 I can’t remember). The script is for Poonam Brah to direct. Poonam directed the stageplay and has used the piece since as a workshopping piece at the National Film and Television school. Poonam and I have had a chat about general approach to opening it up and I’m now going to write a draft, do a bit of research, do another draft and then send it out. Trying to see if it’s a goer and then if we can draw any expertise in to get it shot on the cheap as soon as.

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