The Bridge

March 28, 2011

Switching between reading books about The Brunels Marc Isambard and Isambard Kingdom and The Bridge. The Bridge is David Remnick’s Obama biog.



So books on bridge-builders. Any jokes about allowing republicans, the system and special interests to walk over him have already been made.

Yes we can!!

EMTAC Presentation Event Lab#1

March 26, 2011

EMTAC presentation Lab#1 went well. Lots of different work presented. Some re-presentation of work, some presentation of work due out soon and some work-in-progress. My presentation of Brunels piece was good. Peter Frost played Marc Isambard Brunel and Joe Doherty played Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The five pages they delivered is the entirety of the piece so far. You can see those five pages in an earlier post.
Think emtac if we keep the energy up is going to be a good forum for getting the energy as freelancers into the theatrical ecology. See for info on emtac. We are developing as an collective and so reserve the right to be protean, dynamic, responsive and haphazard.

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French Female Film Directors

March 24, 2011

good Guardian article here about French Female film directors. Make you wonder … makes you wonder

Brunels-Father & Son

March 24, 2011

Uploading TheBrunelsEMTACLAB my EMTAC Lab#1 scene. It’s five pages long. Starting to do some research now. I kinda of know the narrative of story I want to write; i’m calling it Victorian Hoops Dreams, after one moment in that documentary film that has stayed with me since I saw it originally.

Hoop Dreams Image

Hoop Dreams Image

Only seen the film once but this moment, wow!!! This is my aim and idea for The Brunels. The building of the Thames Tunnel is going to provide the background to the narrative. This scene here is conceived as the night before the tunnel is officially launched.

Being presented at Bunker’s Hills as part of EMTAC lab#1 night. Meeting with actors tomorrow to discuss the script. It’s a script in hand so we’ll just play it by ear and see what happens.

Couldn’t get the Stovepipe as the one stovepipe in the city available through costume places appears to be on hire!!


March 16, 2011

I’m now a member of EMTAC East Midlands Theatre Artists Collective.
We are a group of theatre practitioners concerned with making and sharing work, whilst also acting as advocates for freelancers regionally, nationally and internationally.
Our first night to celebrate and share is Friday 25th March. EMTAC Lab#1 is taking place at the Bunkers Hill pub upstairs.
I’m hoping to present a ten-minute scene new idea i’m working on about Brunels: Father and Son.
Not starting writing it yet though I know I need a stovepipe hat!!

stovepipe hat

stovepipe hat

unknown soldier

March 15, 2011

listening to this almost on repeat.

coffin for head of state album cover image

coffin for head of state album cover

Unknown Soldier by Fela Kuti from the Coffin For Head of State album.
Wierd mix of a great tune and tough lyrics. I know this mix isn’t new but this track really gets me each time. Dancing to eyes being pulled out, beatings, rape, fire and destruction.
buy the album and listen to the full 30 minute version.

wrasse records site

Working away

March 12, 2011

Working away at a number of ideas. Trying to put bids in for various bits of money. Mainly to put 57 Images Of My Father into R&D. Also thinking of it as a multiplatform opportunity. I’m part of a Writing For Audiences research group and trying to develop it for a specific bid that EM Media have happening.
Member of EMTAC and STEM and various things afoot with both of these organisations, the first a Lab night the second a collaboration with South African playwrights.
A lot happening and sometimes want to stop and lie down for a bit/long time. Can’t stop writing though and my proclivity for change always get me back doing stuff.

Image Conference

March 4, 2011

I think i’ve managed to work out a paper for this conference Image Conference.

I am trying to link it to 57 Images of My Father script I am developing. Hoping to write the abstract up over the weekend for mid-week deadline.

The conference is taking place at the same time as the annual San Sebastian film festival so I would hope to see some of that if the paper is accepted. I’m now thinking of ’57 Images’ as a multiplatform narrative opportunity and placing it in this kind of research context would help it.

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