Fela Book

January 30, 2011

Saw this book today.


Fela Book Cover

Fela This Bitch of A Life

I don’t know if this is a reprint of a book with a very similar title or a new book. I suspect the former. Be interesting to see how it sells.

Narrative vs Authenticity

January 26, 2011

Watched this video on YouTube. It’s a bunch of academics talking about Narrative and Authenticity. The notes I took while watching were:
How you tell your story
-Narrative not what we’ve done but what we wish to do/be
-Heidigger & authenticity
-Narrative being subjective and contextual based on cultural values
– telling what people want to hear?
– co-operation and collegiate
– what is my true self so how can I be authentic?
– David Boeme physicist and Conditioned Thought.
– Lonergan’s sense of questioning and enquiry. This can tell us who we are.
– What is the purpose of the story and for whom are you writing the story?
– Objective time & lived time.
– life lived as not a series of temporal moments but as a series of possibility

Struck me as lots of appropriate things for the play I am currently writing 57 Images of My Father which is about a lot of these ideas. Perhaps this is why these moments voiced jumped out at me and were written down?

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Fela! off to Sadlers Wells

January 25, 2011

Fela is off to Sadlers Wells after it finished a sold out run at the National Theatre. The show just goes on and on demonstration there is an audience for this type of show after what three years now.

Theatre Directors training

January 20, 2011

Interesting article here by the Guardian on training schemes for young theatre directors.

Read this accompanying article by the same writer also. This is more about the process of writing.

57 Images of My Father

January 18, 2011

Got a radical rewrite in mind for my project 57 Images of My Father. This broadens it out as it would now examine masculinity as well as parenthood. Going to complete the current draft first so as to have two versions knocking about. Can’t quite find the time this week so far to get on with it but hopeful to make some progress over the weekend.

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NT Live thoughts

January 14, 2011

Went to see National Theatre’s NTLive broadcast of Fela! At the Broadway Cinema yesterday. First time ever attending one of these live broadcasts of shows or sporting event at cinema and had no idea what to expect. I’d already seen the show in December and the experience stands up. It was Directed so that helped enormously in creating an experience.
Fela! is a show that works well due to the fantastic music, good dancing and strong central performance.
The script for the show is servicable at best and I was pleased that in an interval interview with the Director Bill T Jones he stressed that this shouldn’t be the only Fela Kuti related show. I emailed my script for The Remaining Five Wives of Fela Kuti to a couple of interested parties earlier this week.
You never know right. 7 years of development for Fela! apparently.

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Fela NT Live broadcast

January 13, 2011

Off to the Broadway Cinema to see Fela broadcast live into the Cinema. Saw the show live and am interested to see the approach that is taken. Having not seen any live broadcasts into cinemas I’ve no idea of the approach that is taken.

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