Monsters at Mayhem

Seeing Monsters today at the Mayhem Horror Festival.



Film is followed by a q&A session with Director Gareth Edwards.


Gareth Edwards

Dir: Gareth Edwards Image

Edwards is also delivering a Masterclass in the evening. Not sure what the crack is here but I imagine he’ll deconstruct a number of scenes from the film.


2 Responses to Monsters at Mayhem

  1. Vyte says:

    Pity I couldn’t come. Had to wait for that stupid delivery. Was the film good? I wonder if I could see it sometime later.
    P.S. I’m working with a guy who’s name is Malac.


    • joolsayodeji says:

      Yeah it was a good film. Pity you couldn’t make it, I was looking forward to hearing your analysis. I’m not a horror or particularly a sci-fi fan but it was good as it was really about the relationship between the two characters. I think it’s on general release in uk about December time. What was really good was listening to how the Director talked about the film. The can do attitude, the experimentation and probably more importantly the unspoken confidence in his ability to use his 15 years of experience to pull it off.
      He taled about the two disc dvd that is intended release. The second disc should be a comprehensive making of discussing how the visual effects were achieved using 3ds max, photoshop and after effects.
      Look out for it probably april time.


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