Short Scripts

August 31, 2010

Posting Feel one of the shorts I’ve been working on for the Nottingham Trent University Second Year Moving Image students.

The idea is that the students have to interpret and then adapt a given script. Feel is similar to the other two I’ve written for this year’s students in that it has only two characters, needs to be shot predominantly in one day with half a day’s rehearsal. Additionally each script also has a requirement to think about character and backstory.


August 25, 2010

Fela! tickets booked. looking forward to seeing the show. Not really been to see a musical before and this one looks incredibly vibrant. Naturally this has a very different treatment to my play so whilst it’s soft research it should simply be good as a Nigerian into Fela’s tunes to see this. Show should have settled into a groove by the time I see it so December roll on.

Scott Pilgrim Q & A

August 24, 2010

If you can stand to hear more Scott Pilgrim stuff then here’s an interview conducted by Senior Editor Jeff Goldsmith with comic book creator Bryan Lee O’Malley, co-writer Michael Bacall and co-writer-director Edgar Wright about Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

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Adapt and Survive

August 22, 2010

Author Michael Morpurgo talks here about adaptation and his evolving experience with it as a process. Good title for the article I feel as a comment about writing and colloboratino in general.

Writing Styles

August 18, 2010

After a break of about 4 weeks I am embarking on actually writing up material properly. By this I mean moving on from the ‘note-taking only’ that has been happening during my break period. This note-taking is a continual process as new ideas happen on projects already started, plus notes on new ideas but it is usually accompanied by me writing a project. I am actually firing up the computer and writing now. I have two shorts films to write up, one stageplay and one screenplay to do rewrites on and an academic paper for a conference to complete over the next few weeks. I’ll try and a number of them concurrently  as ideas develop. I will also be learning how to draw and learning how to use Autodesk’s Maya, this is just for personal interest and to see if I still ‘hate’ working with 3D software more complex than Google SketchUp

Images of Fela Wives via Urban Image Site

August 11, 2010

Check this site out for lots of images of Fela’s Wives, none whom at point as far as I can see get a name!! Urban Image site has about 40 images of Fela so check out the other links, Ghana, Lagos, London etc if interested.

Loads of good images generally on the Urban Image site.

Fela National Theatre Show

August 11, 2010

Nearly bought my tickets today for the National Theatre transfer of the Fela musical. The web mini-site is good and is getting more and more material as time passes. The cast list can be found here by clicking on the NEWS link. Looks like a high energy show.

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