Film Council Closure

July 26, 2010

UK government announced today that the Film Council will be shut down. Like all of these things there seemed to be as many denigrators as appreciators but my feeling is that a valuable resource will soon be lost. The headline stuff may well be prone to the favouritism and elitist inside-ism that these quasi-government-handsoff-independent quangos inevitably suffer from but the lower profile work, my sense is, provided a valuable film-making avenue and kept low level valuable momentum and energy in the industry. Some really strong uk filmmakers have been supported by the film council. Haven’t seen the official announcement yet so not sure when the desks are going to be cleared or what might rise up in its stead. The first of many, many painful cuts to come.

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Book Conference- timely topic

July 23, 2010

Every day seems to bring another article about how the book publishing industry is being affected by technology. eBooks, eReaders, online book sellers etc. Today’s story was about how authors signed to Agent Andrew Wylie’s agency were aiming to cut out the publishers and sell directly to Amazon. My research paper due to be presented at the 8th Annual Conference On The Book at the University of St Gallen, St Gallen, Switzerland is about what the book publishing industry can learn from how the film industry dealt with new technology in the late 1970’s early 1980’s. Today’s story reminded me of the end of the long-term contract studios signed with authors. I might discuss these parallels in the paper also now as it seems apt and again similar models might be adopted by book publishers.

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Graduate Success Stories

July 21, 2010

News of two Multimedia graduates Conrad Olson and Andy Needham. Conrad works as a compositor/Paint Artist. He worked on Nanny Mcfee 2, Where The Wild things Are, Clash of The Titans. See is credits here. He works at Framestore the soho based effects house.

Andy is a Freelance Motion Designer.

Conrad and Andy worked together on a music video for thier final year MM project way back when. Nice to see them doing so well.

Idea Generation

July 20, 2010

For October I am writing three short (3 mins or so) films for second year NTU Multimedia Moving Image students. I had a discussion recently with a friend of mine about the physical, hard labour, working for the money jobs we have both done over the years while making our way in the world. We were talking about how physical repetitive action left our minds free to explore and think and create. I decided to recreate that experience whilst coming up with these new three scripts. I am cleaning the kitchen. I now have two of the three stories, a themed series about relationships, some dialogues and a number of scenes and a cleaner kitchen. I am running out of surfaces. I might have to clean the cupboard doors and the floor to get more!

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The Silence

July 16, 2010

After a recommendation I caught episodes 1 & 2 of The Silence on BBC iPlayer. Interesting premise and really well done so far. Douglas Henshall, Gina McKee, Hugh Bonneville and Dervla Kirlan are all in the piece directed by Dearblha Walsh. Two episodes left to watch. Episode 1 is available until 22nd July with the others being available until shortly after that date. Catch it if you can, very strong screenplay by writer Fiona Seres.

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St Gallen Book Conference paper

July 15, 2010

Started work on my paper accepted for the 8th Annual Conference on The Book. This year’s conference takes place in St Gallen, Switzerland. Last year’s was in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Made a start today after having no time to do anything on it for a two weeks or so. The paper proposes the book industry takes a look at how the film industry dealt with new technology in the early 1980’s. Trying to get it done by end of next week, in time for peer reviewing before the November conference.

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The Shallows- Nick Carr

July 7, 2010

While doing a bit of research for my St Gallen Book Conference paper I came across Author Nick Carr. Carr’s recent book The Shallows contends that The Net is leading to a move away from deep thought to shallow superficial understanding in a way that is rewiring our brains. Check out his blog site here. When someone mentioned ideas behind The Shallows book to me I didn’t realise at the time that Carr was the author of the Is Google Making Us Stupid? article that I had read some time ago.

p.s This post will seriously make you superficial due to the number of links it contains.

‘The Book’ Conference Abstract

July 4, 2010

Link here to the abstract for my next paper presentation.  Conference takes place in St Gallen, Switzerland. De Sautoy had something in the Guardian this week about apps and structure. There’s a lot of stuff about this now, especially with the release of iPad so an interesting area at the moment. As you can see if you’ve checked out the link my paper is a little different to ‘the app is the thing approach’. Got to finish off the paper now over the next couple of weeks.

The Man Who Owns the News

July 1, 2010

Reading this book at the moment

Murdoch Book cover Image

Murdoch Book cover Image

After finishing this book

Turner a Life. Book cover image

Turner a Life. Book Cover

Wolff hasn’t gone for a straight biog. As the book is written at a key point in the life and career of Murdoch he is so far using the deal to buy the Wall St Journal as an opp to delve and jump around. Liking this approach so far. Only 52 pages in.

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