Black Audiences

June 29, 2010

Saw this NY Times article on writer Oladipo Agboluaje Facebook message  and wondered once again about how these articles are written every few years once there’s a high profile stroke hit show that’s around. The fact that these articles are perennial speaks to the superficiality of the ideas/movements/changes they so often express.
I suspect one could go back a few years and look at the last August Wilson revival and one would find similar articles that had been written.
Not sure what this means and the idea that ‘this’ show might be ‘the’ show that makes a change is a good one but it all feels a little bit journalism to me. Pick a decade change the show names and you’ll broadly end up with the same article I suspect.

Lennon Naked

June 27, 2010

Just caught Lennon Naked on the bbc iplayer after the broadcast ealrier this week. Liked it. It took 7 years of his life and used that to explore his past. 7 years of creative exploration that hinted at his future also. Good approach that felt fresh. Strong performance by christopher eccleston as Lennon.

What is reading?

June 23, 2010

I read this Guardian UK interview with Tom Stoppard recently. The first thing to say is that things may have gotten lost in translation in a way that journalism and the form of newspapers force on situations but whilst I can understand and appreciated his concern I do feel it is very difficult to avoid the ‘back in my day’ feel of subjects like this.

I always inherently feel in my positive way that technology, moving image or hypertext is as likely to improve as denigrate. Stoppard’s fear that reading or English the ‘call of literature’ will be eclipsed by the Moving Image is something that I feel will simply result in reading being transformed. Whilst the act of reading is important the real important thing is the attempt to connect and communicate and this might simply happen in different ways. Images, moving or still have been ‘read ‘ since they first appeared, so what is reading? Can reading be anything other than literature?

The codex transformed the scroll, telephone transformed telegraph but the act and desire and  need and requirement to Communicate remain

The Men Who Would Be KING- Book

June 22, 2010

Just finished The Men Who Would be KING by journalist Nicole Laporte.

Men who would be king image

It’s a gossipy book about the creation and running of Dreamworks by Katzenberg, Geffen and Spielberg so don’t look at it for detailed discussions of how specific films were made creatively. None of the prinicipals come out of it very well. Reading these things makes one wonder what drives people, I mean beyond the obvious. I always left not with what is the thing that drives but why the person is so driven.

57 Images of My Father- Rewrite

June 21, 2010

Am embarking of a rewrite of 57 Images of My Father. Read the most recent draft a while ago and made notes as to my thoughts. Now starting this morning and already thinking why can’t I stick to my notes? Of course I ndidnt bring my notes with me but I can remember the significant elements. the notes varied from typos to more significant stuff. Made a change from male to female character which seems major but I don’t actually think is. Looking at creating a punchier opening and letting the audience ‘in’ a little more at the beginning.

Fela Transfer- National Theatre Tickets on sale

June 18, 2010

Tickets of sale for Fela! opening at the Olivier in November. Booking from November to early December at the moment. follow this tickets link for details. when I looked yesterday alot of the weekend show had very nearly sold out.

Bike Ride, ideas and Jurgen Woolf

June 17, 2010

On my bike ride into Uni today I was struck by the though of how conducive it was to creativity. Sun was shining, physical activity was clearing the brain, cool breeze reducing the heat. I though that Jurgen Woolf must have posted stuff about this. Check out his ideas generation stuff at I’ve posted about this before. Some good ideas to not necessarily implement but to get one thinking about one’s own process.

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