3D mind-broadening

May 29, 2010

After a week of listening to NTU Multimedia 1st year students presenting their ideas delivered in a 3D via 3D Studio Max I have decided to try over the summer to delve into Maya. Working in academia means that I can take advanatge of Autodesk‘s academic offer and use Maya and Mudbox free for 13 months. I have some experience using 3ds max but didnt enjoy it. Trying to broaden my mind by trying 3D modelling again. I will no doubt post on here periodically as I work my way through the various tutorials available on the Autodesk Community site.

5 Days in May

May 29, 2010

BBC WritersRoom have an interesting little project 5 Days in May. really rapid turnaround but why not go for it?

Five Wives of Fela Kuti

May 25, 2010

A little bit of Five Wives of Fela project development. A couple of organisations who twp sent the script to have expressed an interest. Next stage is to get a meeting set up to talk through some of the options available to us.

57 Images of My Father Pitch

May 19, 2010

Link here to my Decibel 09 pitch of stageplay 57 Images Of My Father delivered Manchester back in September 09.


I was reminded it had been uploaded to Vimeo when I was watching Rosanna Raymond’s Tusks and Fevers Pitch. The Decibel team are good about keeping attendees informed and up to date as the site is updated with News and other material.

I now have a 57 Images draft (it’s rubbish) so will be looking to do something with that, that something being the development process I refer to in the pitch. I will do this as soon as time/other projects allow.

Sight and Sound article

May 18, 2010

Really good article here bigging up UK writers. It’s from Sight and Sound film magazine and is written by BFI curator Mark Duguid.

Fela’s Queens

May 18, 2010

Links to videos here of Fela Queens and of Sandra Izsadore a key collaborator in Fela’ transition to Afrobeat. The first video you may have seen before and will no doubt see again if searching for video of the Queens’ this is because of so little accessible footage of the women. No doubt news archives have tour footage, arrivals, rehearsals etc but I don’t know of any source that one can quickly, easily and cheaply access.

Athens paper- Presentation

May 17, 2010

Now thinking about the presentation I have to deliver for the 1st Annual Fine and Performing Arts Conference I am due to attend at the beginning of June, Ash cloud and Greek political situation permitting. The presentation has to be about 15 minutes long. I am trying to work out exactly how many gags I can slip in and how well my humour might travel. (hardly worse than an ash cloud-delayed writer/academic one might suspect) Am also trying to work the word exegesis into it somewhere. It appears like a Greek word to me and once I work out what it means and how one spells it I must go for it! The Paper is The Screenplay as Research Palimpsest. The subject gives me creative license is my strategy.

‘The Making of’ site

May 10, 2010

Just come across ‘Making of’ site. It has a series of interviews with filmmakers of all types and persuasions. I’ve also added it to my blogroll.

‘Lost’ mythology interview

May 9, 2010

The Writers’ Guild West coast branch has a link to a Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cusen interview on their homepage at the moment. The writers describe how they went about creating the ‘Lost’ Mythology.

You may or not be into ‘Lost’ either way check it out. The link will take you to the wga Foundation YouTube channel so you’ll be able to check out other videos in the series.

Fela BioPic casting announcement

May 6, 2010

Black Voices have announced casting of Fela for the Steve McQueen biopic.


good choice in my opinion. He has the power to do it but be interesting to see which way Mcqueen goes with his script.

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