Fela National Theatre transfer

April 27, 2010

Fela! casting call. I know Iyabo who played in my rehearsed reading was going up for Fela’s mum.

Auditions just gone. Not sure if Fela’s mum gets to dance though. A Brooklyn based friend of mine saw the show and loved it. Looking forward to it’s November London opening.

Athens Fine and Performing Arts conference- Abstract

April 26, 2010

Athens Abstract  here AthensAbstract. Emailed it so will wait and see if it’s appropriate and if I am off to Athens.

review copy

April 23, 2010

One of the benefits of a life in academia is the Review Copy. Publishers are generally happy to send out review copies of books so as to suggest the book as core text for the various courses. One review copy might lead to hundreds of sales. Focal Press (link in my blogroll) are very good. They have an excellent selection of film-making books. Today I received a copy of Producing and Directing The Short Film and Video.

Written by Peter Rea and David K. Irving this fourth edition looks pretty comprehensive.  It’s North American in it’s focus and examples but not distractingly so I found. I’ve only skimmed it so don’t kill me if you find it not so.

It’s title is for the short film but  it applies to feature production as well. I love the Michael Rabiger Directing books and the three or four Ken Dancyger Focal Press published books also and continually recommend them.

Transitory, impermanent and ‘dicking around’

April 20, 2010

I love this post by Bianca Winter. It speaks to why I write so echoed for me. Check it out. Drop a comment on the author’s blog if so moved.

Athens Conference

April 19, 2010

As I can no longer go to the Avanca Cinema conference I am trying to get into the Athens 1st Annual International Conference on Fine and Performing Arts.

One of the benefits of working in Academia is the international conference circuit. Conference attendance and research paper presentations are an important part of an academics life. I have attended and/or presented at conferences in Memphis, Brisbane, Bristol, Coventry and Nottingham and virtually in London.

I actually have a little longer to try and get this abstract written but would have very little time to complete the paper should the abstract be accepted into the conference.

I want to do write something on the screenplay as research document.

see conference website here. The papers already submitted look like a good mixture.

Avanca Conference

April 17, 2010

Just discovered I have a clash with the Avanca conference and now will no longer be submitting an abstract as the conference doesn’t appear to allow virtual presentation. Perhaps next year?

Blackberry WordPress App test

April 15, 2010

Testing a new app that should allow me to more easily post directly from my phone.

Avanca Cinema 2010 Conference

April 14, 2010

Trying to write a paper for this conference on Cinema for the end of this month. Conference is in Avanca, Portugal in July. Paper is supposed to be about the screenplay as perfect imperfect palimpsest document. I haven’t made much headway at the moment. Only have to submit the Abstract so not alot of words. I have sketched out a rough plan but still haven’t managed to find time to flesh it out. Aim to do it this week.

Fela- national transfer- comments

April 12, 2010

Link here to comments on the Guardian Newspaper article about the transfer of the Fela!  musical to the National Theatre in November.

What is interesting to me is how the comments reflect my interpretation of the man. Lots of ‘great music yeah, hope they don’t fuck it up’ comments but also ‘listen this guy wasn’t all good and had negative, long-lasting effects also’ type comments.

A complex legacy

57 Images Of My Father

April 12, 2010

Almost ready to start work on 57 Images Of My Father. I have one pass to do on the Five Wives Of Fela Kuti play which I am hoping to complete mid-week and then once, as a bit of a palette cleanser I have made notes on a new comic play idea I have, I can move onto 57 Images. The new idea and 57 Images are kind of related though very differently treated. Also similar in theme to my 2006 play Natural Breaks and Rhythms (playtext available here).

Perhaps by this time next week.

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