David Freeman writing course

February 22, 2010

Raindance have David Freeman back to do his two day writing course Beyond Structure.  I took it about the last time he was in the UK I think. I was a little sceptical about it as it talks about 45 ways to do this and 27 ways to deepen character etc, etc but I really enjoyed it and thought it really useful. You should check it out. Really long days but really worth the expense I found.


February 22, 2010

Bafta Hurt Locker- Yay

Bafta – Bigelow- yay

Bafta- Boal- Yay

Apocalyto/ Jerusalem- reviews

February 19, 2010

Saw Apocalyto a couple of nights ago.

Good film. The film wasn’t as graphic as I remember it being reviews. Well put together movie. Really enjoyed it. Simple script but well put together. I think the simplicity of the story structure hides alot of effort. It all ‘had’ to (for me) lead to the money shot at the end. So I wasn’t surprised by the end shot has it had to be that shot but for me to write it in this way took alot of skill with clues and threads being scattered, planted earlier in the film.

Jerusalem- Saw this yesterday at the Apollo Theatre. Good play. Nice level of mysticism in the piece. Very strong performances. Never quite sure how a cast of sixteen can be made to pay when one actor has one scene and three others only have two. One is a kid so that makes sense but the others are presumably on full equity minimum. The link is from a report in 2006 so this will no doubt be adjusted for inflation (?) The minimium fee is very small. I like the fact that actors are working and I get the idea that this is a/the way to build experience for the actor but I am always conscious of the cost when I write a play. In film the actor can be employed for a day but not on the stage. I imagine the playwright says this is the play I have written and the Producer bites the bullet and raises the cash or doesn’t.


February 15, 2010

Off to Apollo Theatre in the West End this week to see Jerusalem. It has been nominated for a number of writing and acting awards. A recent article makes the case for the play being a treatise on Englishness.I really wanted to see it at the Royal Court but couldn’t make it.

Writer Jez Butterworth’s had an interesting career so far with his mixture of stageplays, screenplays and Directing. There’s an interview from 2009 here with Journalist Mark Lawson.

All in all I’m really looking forward to the day.

Let the Right One In

February 13, 2010

Finally saw the Swedish vampire love story Let The Right One In (Director Tomas Alfredson/Writer John Ajvide Lindqvist. 2008) Really good film. Takes its time and nice and atmospheric. Good, well-written characters.

There’s also a very droll DVD Extra commentary by Writer and director.

Five Wives Of Fela Kuti Draft3 Done

February 8, 2010

Completed draft 3 minutes ago and have now emailed it to Kate Chapman and Bianca Winter of Theatre Writing Partnership (TWP)

It is much changed in plot and some characterisation. Think it’s much better. The plan is to have a script meeting this week and then for me to deliver a polish draft for 25th of this Month. The script will then go out to potential producing theatres to seek collaboaration for a production 2011/2012. I am hoping the Steve Mcqueen Fela biopic will help in creating additional interest around the man and his life.

I’ll post again after feedback.

More Images of Fela Kuti’s Wives

February 3, 2010

Urban Images have a number of Images of Fela Kuti wives. Check the images out here and Urban Images home page here

Alot of them I’ve seen before but some still new to me. The colour images work really well for me in terms of representing a time and a place. I also like the detail of rugs and food, etc. Just day to day living. This type of stuff will be fantastic for any eventual production. Can I use the word versimilitude? I think I may just go for it with no spell check.

I am incidentally into the final third of the new draft of Five Wives of Fela Kuti.

Writing Method

February 2, 2010

I have started writing in a notepad again after years of going straight into Final Draft or celtx or the Amstrad from way back when. This is more to do with not wanting to carry my laptop around with me all the time but it has led to a reconnection with a style of writing.

Using a computer meant that I would always, always, always start a writing session by re-reading the previous sessions words. Writing on to a notepad instead relies much more on carrying a sense of what I’d written in the previous session into the new session. It has led to interesting transitions between scenes and moments in scenes. I used to write in a much more ‘cut/paste’ way where the challenge of having to connect scenes/moments led to a more poetic sensibility in the work. I would get an idea for a scene and then write it and not worry overly about where or how it might fit. Trying to ‘force’ it to fit led to the creative collisions which was good. Writing from Treatments and writing on a computer has resulted in less of this style of writing. I’m really enjoying it at the moment. I am not doing it exclusively but mixing and matching so when I transcribe the scene I then continue on the computer.

read this article about the difference between Pen and Computer.

ifc link

February 1, 2010

Added the url for the Independent Film Channel ifc to my blogroll. It’s mostly about Sundance 2010 at the moment as the festival has just closed but keep an eye on it over time. There’s an interview with Chris Morris about four Lions on the site at the mo.

Kevin Pollak’s Online chatshow

February 1, 2010

Actor Kevin Pollak (A few Good Men, Casino, The new Kevin Smith that was called a couple of dicks, etc) has an internet-only chatshow. You can catch it live but he also has a YouTube channel here.

Listening to an interview with Chris Mcquarrie Oscar-winner for The Usual Suspects at the moment. The guest list seems to be made up of Directors and actor/comedians. Didn’t realise that Pollack is also a standup comedian. There’s an interview with Jane Campion (The Piano, Sweetie, Bright Star) that I want to catch.

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