Turner vs The Masters

Went to the Turner vs The Masters Exhibition at the Tate Britain.

I love Turner’s work and the stories about his attitude to life. I haven’t been to the Tate Britain for a while now, for a good number of years I would go on annual visits to London to see the Turner stuff, so I really enjoyed it. Bought the exhibition catalogue by Solkin and a biographer by James Hamilton (Biog from Amazon as it was £4.00 cheaper than in the shop).

The exhibition closes on the 31st of this month.

In the free Turner part of the museum there were new works to me on display and a good exhibition about his craft and techniques.

Will read them after either the Mack Sennett book I’m currently not quite finishing or after the Thames book by Peter Ackroyd or the Homicide book by David (Homicide: Life On The Streets; The Wire) Simon.

Turner is the one person so far who springs to mind that I have considered writing a screenplay or stageplay about. Not really been overly interested in doing biog pieces but this guy’s story would be fantastic and incredibly visual.

I also took a stroll down the the Tate Modern but didn’t enjoy that as much.

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