MM graduate student Rowland Kimber

January 28, 2010

I get regular searches for Rowland Kimber ending up at my site. Rowland is a Multimedia graduate from a few years back. 2005 I would think. I thought I would post his website here so that anyone looking for him can see what he’s up to. lots of good work being produced by him and his company Ivory Tower Pictures so more power to him. Virals, Ads, Music vids and corporate promos. International work includes some recent work for Thermos the american company.

Turner vs The Masters

January 22, 2010

Went to the Turner vs The Masters Exhibition at the Tate Britain.

I love Turner’s work and the stories about his attitude to life. I haven’t been to the Tate Britain for a while now, for a good number of years I would go on annual visits to London to see the Turner stuff, so I really enjoyed it. Bought the exhibition catalogue by Solkin and a biographer by James Hamilton (Biog from Amazon as it was £4.00 cheaper than in the shop).

The exhibition closes on the 31st of this month.

In the free Turner part of the museum there were new works to me on display and a good exhibition about his craft and techniques.

Will read them after either the Mack Sennett book I’m currently not quite finishing or after the Thames book by Peter Ackroyd or the Homicide book by David (Homicide: Life On The Streets; The Wire) Simon.

Turner is the one person so far who springs to mind that I have considered writing a screenplay or stageplay about. Not really been overly interested in doing biog pieces but this guy’s story would be fantastic and incredibly visual.

I also took a stroll down the the Tate Modern but didn’t enjoy that as much.


January 19, 2010

I love rewrites. They have a kind of snowball momentum for me, once I start then new ideas come and I pick up momentum as I go along. Rewriting draft five (might be six, I can’t remember) of the Fela Wives play. I found the last two drafts quite hard going and when I re-read the piece recently I felt it was going to be quite hard going overall but so far it is proving not to be. See this link here on writers talking about rewriting. I love the Hemingway quote.

For me every piece is always about ‘another two drafts’ away! Ha

Script-ets- Scripts

January 17, 2010

Posting a couple of the scripts-ets written for NTU Multimedia students here for your perusal or otherwise you decide. The students received the scripts on friday and the idea is that they will interpret, adapt, shoot and edit over the next four weeks.

Cough Gaze Brick

Five Wives Of Fela Kuti

January 12, 2010

Just re-read the script presented by TWP as part of the Momentum:nottingham festival back in oct 2009 at the Nottingham Playhouse. It feels full of problems, some of which I have solutions to, others not yet. Will start at the beginning and rely on the process of writing to get me there. Trying to have clear ideas about each section of the script and see what happens. The aim is to try to make it better not to make it perfect. Mid-February delivery for the next draft.

First thing that’s changed is the title. I am now calling it Fives Wives of Fela Kuti. See how long that lasts!

Guardian Interview with Playwright John Guare

January 8, 2010

Interesting article with John Guare (Six Degrees of Separation) here. Great title for the article I felt, “Writing Is a Blood Sport”. I always like to compare others writer’s processes to my own. I am happy and confident and trust my process but I still like to hear how others do it. Maybe it’s a search to articulate why I write. If I know the how then I can get to the why? I love The Dialogue for this reason. Not enough to buy the DVD’ s yet but still…


January 8, 2010

Productive day. Three done.  Perhaps two tomorrow. Would put me well ahead of schedule so I can do the other writing I have a mid-feb deadline on, Five Wives of Fela Kuti!!

script-ets- More

January 6, 2010

18 short (2-3 pages) scripts required over the next ten week for the NTU Multimedia first year students. I have four ideas so far. One written, two sketched to be written over the next few days and I am reprising an old idea from four years ago. I no longer have the script which is good in that I have to try and remember the essence of the idea and go again. It is called Brick and is about a man’s obsessive interest in house bricks. This is a way to sublimate loss he has suffered earlier.

I am looking at people trying to connect, some more abstractly than others. I need the first six for the end of next week and then I have five weeks for the next six and then five weeks for the following, final six. Better get on with it.

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