Writing Ambitions for 2010

December 30, 2009

I intend to do the next draft of The Wives Of Fela Kuti in the first two months of 2010 and would hope to see that project take a definite step forward or not over the coming 12 months. I then want to go back to my SciFi Carcass. This was written as part of  a BBC WritersRoom development scheme. I subsequently sent it to The Film Council. It didn’t get anywhere with them but what I did get as a result of sending it was a free readers report. This was fantastic. It ‘got’ the script whilst clinically dissecting it section-by-section. I have been itching to attack the next draft based on these notes so would hope to be able to get the chance to do this in 2010. I have posted about Carcass earlier so stick Carcass in the search box and see the posts. Storyboard artist Mike Osborne (who did some work on the upcoming Wolfman) did some visuals for it and you can see them on here. I may have even posted an early draft, I can’t remember now.


December 24, 2009

I have set myself the task of writing 18 or so short scripts for the Multimedia at NTU first years students over the next ten weeks or so. They are about to embark on a module (Jan 2010) that is to introduce them to the Moving Image discipline. Interpretation is a key element of film-making I feel so I want the students, in groups of four or five to have to interpret a script taking it through the production stages. This I think will give them a good grasp on film-making and its concerns. I have written one so far and plotted (loosely) two others. They are only going to be of three to four minute duration so not very long.  I want a mixture of silly and serious, some clearly genre some not. I’ll be working on them when the new year begins.

Fela Kuti searches

December 23, 2009

Just posting this grab image of a few of the recent searches for Fela Kuti that ended up here at this site.


The number of wives will change from search to search with nine being a number that seems to have gotten out there. celtx is the version of opens-source scheduling software that you’ll find a link to on here. I’ve posted on it a number of times so won’t do it again here.

Reitman nepotism accusation article scan

December 22, 2009

Received a comment about the previous Reitman post asking for a link to the original article. I read it in print and not online. As I couldn’t find an online version that hadn’t been subbed I have scanned the article, Zoomed in for legibiliy and larger for broader context awardsGrab

awards text

I think it is different in tone to articles like this one and I post in disappointment rather than anger

Unfair Reitman nepotism criticism

December 21, 2009

In an article about likely award-winning films there was, I felt an unfair dig at Jason Reitman. The throwaway line suggested he was likely to get an Oscar nomination for his latest film Up In The Air due to nepotism. To my knowledge Reitman has made three films, Thank You For Smoking, Juno and UITA. 3 films in 3/4 years. All have been multi-nominated, multi-award winning films and to suggest he/the films get nominated because his dad makes films is such a reach when you actually consider the films. It was an example I think of the writer reaching for an easy line. The guy makes intelligent, thought-provoking, mature films and to try and dismiss him and his work is this way struck me as very unfair. UITA has been consistently well-reviewed for the months it’s been playing the festival circuit with Clooney, in particular being praised for delivering his best film performance to date. The search for Narrative at all times is a very human one but one wonders at times how far Journalism will go to tell a ‘story’. Cheap shot.

Fela On Broadway

December 18, 2009

The Fela show that was running off-Broadway Oct 2008 is now on Broadway. Not sure when this transfer happened. When reading the article about the Steve Macqueen Fela biopic announced last week I saw a mention of this show which intrigued me as  I ahd thought it has opened and closed months ago. I was aware of it when  I was originally commisioned back in the mists of time. The musical is backed by Jay-Z, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith in some form or fashion so big players. I  think it can help sell the Fela’s Wives stage project. A musical, the Macqueen Biopic and my Fela’s Wives as commissioned by Theatre Writing Partnership are three, complimentary as I see it projects. The other two projects might help our project get the ‘next-stage’ money as it can be clearly deminstrated there is wide, long-standing interest in the man. He died over ten years ago and each year he seems to get more and more widely known. I get ten hits every day of searches for him, his wives and/or his kids every day.

Blank Slate Script

December 17, 2009

I’ve attached my script here. I didn’t get shortlisted. Read it and see why.


The Suspicions of Mr Whicher

December 15, 2009

Early on in my reading of Kate Summerscale’s book The Suspicions of Mr Whicher (finally) and it struck me that there is a great drama to be made out of the development of the Metropolitan Police force and then I figured that the Sherlock Holmes movie Directed by Guy Ritchie with Robert Downey Jnr as Holmes and Jude Law as Watson is probably the same mileu. I think the film is geared up as a potential franchise re-booting a la the JJ Abrams Star Trek so that is probably that terrority covered for the next seven years or so. Think there’s potential fantastic stories and characters from that era though. It worked for Dickens right?

Blank Slate-Decision Day looms

December 10, 2009

Monday is the day when us Blank Slate (organised by b3 Media) Applicants are due to find out whether we are shortlisted to the next stage. If I don’t get shortlisted I’ll be posting a pdf version of the script on here for any thoughts, comments.
I imagined the film as a sitcom (after originally envisaging the idea as a stage play) so it’ll be interesting to read it again after not looking at it for a while.

Fela Biopic

December 9, 2009

Guardian newpaper annoucing this Fela biopic. I enjoyed Hunger so this should be good. This could be seen as good for the Fela’s Wives project as it might not clash and might be a good story. I would also think that if the Fela’s Wives project can happen over the next 18 months then it will get in before any likely film and avoid over-exposure of the man/subject.

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