Decibel09 pitch training

August 3, 2009

Reflecting on Day 1 of the two day decibel09 pitch training session. I hadn’t really done much work on the pitch as I’ve been, and continue to be busy writing. I had mentally scaled back my idea dramatically when informed that the pitch presentations were now 5 minutes with 5 mins for q&a and not the original 10 plus 5. I had planned an elaborate pitch/presentation/performance but had then subsequently scaled this back without really thinking of the detail. Today has forced me to start actually planning. Very useful. Have to work out my 3/4 sections of my presentation and rehearse the content without trying to ‘memorise’ it word for word.
Tomorrow is a ‘lots of feedback’ day so that should be good.
Off to see Von Trier’s Antichrist as a complete contrast palette cleanser.

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