Fela’s wives

August 24, 2009

Halfway through the play so not going to make my 7th Sept deadline. Will make the October deadline and should have perhaps another two weeks after that to polish and incorporate the feedback before the work-in-progress reading at nottm playhouse on 26th October. I thought I would be showing a 20 min extract but now not sure if I’ll be expected to do the whole thing. Track down the momentum schedule via the theatre writing parnership blogsite link via the links section on her. It reads as if this is the thing on the 26th and my writer’s lab Boat Gypsies project is on the 27th doesn’t it? I thought that all projects would be on both nights but now not sure.
I am concentrating on love and marriage at the moment. What are peoples expectations? How do expectations change over time? What happens when your partner files for divorce ‘out of the blue,? Also trying to make it funnier. Not so funny at the moment.

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