Fela’s Wives

August 29, 2009

Think the title might be The Main Wives of Fela Kuti. Am not overly excited about the title but not super unhappy. I would hope that comments that lead to the next draft lead me to the next title.
Did some research on hiv/aids circa 1986 and will lead to a much more poignant celebration of identity than I imagined when embarking on the project. It was always intended to be a celebration of individual female identity but this theme allows that celebration to be a collaborative one if I get it on the page similar to how it is in my head. I’ve about a week left so might just get a complete new draft done, not sure.

Young Writers Project

August 25, 2009

Been approached about a potential writing project. It is to work with a small group of young writers on a ‘rites of passage’ ten-minute short as part of the royal and derngate theatre ‘young britain’ themed work.
The northampton-based young people are not necessarily theatre writers but might write lyrics or bits and pieces or just have something they want to express which relates to the YB theme.

My job would be to meet with the group a couple of times and then to write a 10-minute monologue or duologue using some of their ideas/words/spirits etc .
I’ve done this type of work before and really enjoyed it. Tight October 15th turnaround with the other stuff I’ve got on but I’ve expressed my interest and so we shall see shall. Let’s make it fit baby.

Fela’s wives

August 24, 2009

Halfway through the play so not going to make my 7th Sept deadline. Will make the October deadline and should have perhaps another two weeks after that to polish and incorporate the feedback before the work-in-progress reading at nottm playhouse on 26th October. I thought I would be showing a 20 min extract but now not sure if I’ll be expected to do the whole thing. Track down the momentum schedule via the theatre writing parnership blogsite link via the links section on her. It reads as if this is the thing on the 26th and my writer’s lab Boat Gypsies project is on the 27th doesn’t it? I thought that all projects would be on both nights but now not sure.
I am concentrating on love and marriage at the moment. What are peoples expectations? How do expectations change over time? What happens when your partner files for divorce ‘out of the blue,? Also trying to make it funnier. Not so funny at the moment.

Five Queens of Fela Kuti

August 16, 2009

Just received the Nottm Playhouse brochure. As part of theatre writing partnership’s Momentum festival Black Folks strand I’ve got two extracts playing on both the 26th and 27th october, Boat Gypsies and Fela’s Five Queens (or the Wives (many) of Fela Anikulapo Kuti whichever title I can fix on). Boat Gypsies is done but feeling the pressure with Five Queens. I completed a draft a year ago but now doing a page one rewrite and only on page 30 at moment. Got about 20 days to complete a draft. Don’t really have to complete for the showing but I’d like to. The extract is likely to be the 20 mins or so and probably the opening 20 mins but completing will give us more options. Think I know where I’m going now as regards plot details just need to get it done.

Lion King

August 15, 2009

Went to see The Lion King at the Lyceum theatre in the West End. Fantastic show. Never seen a musical theatre piece because never really been all that interested but this show was really good. The puppetry, singing and dancing was of a really high standard. Director Julie Taymor has done a super job. I know the show is years old and all of this has all been said before but it doesn’t hurt to repeat it.
The Lyceum was the home of Irving and Terry so I also enjoyed being in such a historical venue.

screenwriters interview site

August 8, 2009

Discovered this screenwriting site ages ago but forgot to post the link.

It’s a series of podcast of interviews with writers.

Decibel09 pitch training day 2

August 4, 2009

Reflecting on the second and final day of the decibel09 pitch training I am pleased at the two days. The opportunity to concentrate on the 5 minute pitch and really work on it was extremely useful and I now feel I have an exciting pitch. Still need to do more work on embedding the content and the structure in my mind so that I am able to ‘improvise’ and not ‘remember’ when it comes to it.
Carving the time out has been useful.
The training was primarily delivered by kate organ, aided on day 2 by jack organ.

Decibel09 pitch training

August 3, 2009

Reflecting on Day 1 of the two day decibel09 pitch training session. I hadn’t really done much work on the pitch as I’ve been, and continue to be busy writing. I had mentally scaled back my idea dramatically when informed that the pitch presentations were now 5 minutes with 5 mins for q&a and not the original 10 plus 5. I had planned an elaborate pitch/presentation/performance but had then subsequently scaled this back without really thinking of the detail. Today has forced me to start actually planning. Very useful. Have to work out my 3/4 sections of my presentation and rehearse the content without trying to ‘memorise’ it word for word.
Tomorrow is a ‘lots of feedback’ day so that should be good.
Off to see Von Trier’s Antichrist as a complete contrast palette cleanser.

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