June 26, 2009

Went to see Warhorse in its West End run transfer from the National Theatre. The reviews are accurate so the show is a really good show. The full-size puppet horse are fantastic. They get their own ovation at the end and they deserve it. It’s playing at the New London on Drury Lane until September. See details here.

Go see it if you get the chance.

The Wives (many) of Fela Kuti

June 18, 2009

Just ordered this book about fela kuti’s music and the political and practical context surrounding it’s conception and production.

£65.00 so not cheap. Hopefully it’ll be a useful research source and not me frittering my fee on fela cd’s and books!!
Thinking of changing the working title to Fela’s Queens or The Queens of Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Basically putting Queens somewhere in the title.

Boat Gypsies-progess

June 16, 2009

My play Boat Gypsies keeps surprising me. New ideas start happening now I have worked out what the characters actually want! I am able to incorporate new ideas that spring up as the characters start taking over.
I usually start writing before I have done much character work and really like working this way. As long as I have collaborators who can ‘read’ early drafts for what they are I am good to go this way. I usually have something interesting on the page, in this instance I had the first half done to a good standard and some idea of where it might go. Through discussion and character development and then some research I can produce some interesting work that keeps me energised through the writing process.
I usually use what David Freeman refers to as character traits to get me going initially with more detailed work happening once substantial progress (to my mind) has been made.
Really enjoying it. Will be done in perhaps seven days ( should say nights as I write at night), done enough to print out and read then tweak, weave, strengthen bits that I have missed during the process. Trying to make my self-imposed end of the month deadline.

57 Images of my Father development

June 14, 2009

The artist’s briefing for the Decibel09 pitch slot selected project 57 Images of My Father takes place on the 25th of this month. I have a pitch in mind which I think is very representative of the project. It involves me ‘acting’. To deliver the pitch the way I imagine I need to learn how to use After Effects better. Also taking it as an opportunity to learn how to use Motion.
I have another two weeks on my current project Boat Gypsies and then I can start to learn the software packages. I bought the apple pro training series Motion 3 book and already have a number of after FX’s books, mainly focal press ones. After the draft deadline of this month I intend to alternate between ’57 Images’ Pitch and my ‘Wives of Fela’ project until September.

idea generation

June 11, 2009

Been thinking recently that I need to start generating some thing more from the  ‘bottom drawer’ ideas I have accumulated. I have a few that I havent read ina  while so need to have a look at them and see what I can do with them, where they might be placed. also need to replenish and generate some more. most are one paragraph, some are treatments.

current projects- update

June 8, 2009


Project 1- Rural Touring Project. Additional Showcasing being developed for Decibel09, Manchester and Momentum Festival:Nottingham in October. More exposure of the work, more feedback opportunities which is what I like and need when writing so hoping these happen.

Project 2- The Wives (Many) of Fela Kuti. Backburner but writing/feedback schedule worked out. I am increasing my Fela Kuti collection cd by cd!!

Project 3- Decible 09 Pitch of 57 Images of My Father. Artists briefing on 25th June at Arts Council London. Talking about about how this year’s showcase will work, meet with other artists who are part of the programme.  Decibel staff responsible for the marketing, organisation, production and strategy of the event will be on hand to answer any questions.  ( Hoping to go Everything Must Go at Soho Theatre show afterwards. )

project 4- Didn’t get shortlisted for the BBC drama scheme. Not massively disappointed as I am already up against it with the three projects I currently have ongoing. Feedback likely at some point about my project.

Boat Gypsies-Research trip

June 4, 2009

Had a really useful trip on a canal boat today. Many thanks to danny kaye my pilot and boat owner. I was mainly trying to sort out how to make the boat sink but have now confirmed my decision to just have a leak. This is much more plausible and realistic.

Riding on the boat was great, I have seen plan views but the actual experience of travelling in one and also speaking to someone knowledgeable coupled with the sights and sounds left me feeling this was a really useful trip.

current projects

June 1, 2009

I currently have three projects on the go and will find out if its four by the end of this week.

1- Rural Touring Project. Boat Gypsies draft by end of this month as I am in Australia for July actual deadline. Rehearsed reading of a twenty minute extract to rural touring producers third week  of July.

2- The Wives (Many) of Fela Kuti. Two more drafts due by Mid-October for likely October Reading at Nottingham Playhouse for Momentum festival:Nottingham. Presentation is to try and get potential producing partners on board/interested as well as to show a piece of work currently under development to theatregoers generally.

3- Decible 09 Pitch of 57 Images of My Father. Manchester in September. Looking to get a commission to write a draft of the play I am developing

Possible 4th-

Was approached by BBC Drama to pitch for a short film. Not sure how many writers were approached but ten project ideas/scripts will be shortlisted to workshop idea then redraft by end of July. Five films wil be made from the ten. I’ll hear if successful on Friday 5th June. I sent off a scrip so this would be rewriting for me rather than creating something from scratch.

Lots of juggling going on. I am good about making multiple ideas work because I can switch from one idea to another easily and not get too frazzled so expecting to be busy, busy but so far am enjoying it all. trying not ro get too stressed and succeeding so far.

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