Boat Gypsies-Rural Touring Project

Sent my interim draft off this morning in preparation for the Writers Lab09 interim meeting next week.

This is part of the notes I added for the readers:

“The play is about the idea that you have to kill your  parents a little in order to progress. They know this and we know this. The play takes the position that this ‘death’ is one of life’s essential points. We are not our parents, at least not when we are young, and they and we must act to make this apparent, to them and to us”

The draft takes us to the interval (which I am actually undecided about having).

Next week Tyrone Huggins, Leah Chillery, myself and Segun Lee French are there as writers with Kate Chapman (TWP), Ivan Cutting (Eastern Angles) and Daniel Buckroyd (New Perspectives).

The other crucial element to understanding the draft is:

” running from parents, authority and in that running they are growing, creating new self-identities as young adults. For the first time, not identities framed through their parents”

The idea is we discuss whatever each writer has produced up until this point (scripts, notes, research, etc) and see what happens as regards feedback and where each writer wants to take it in preparation for readings based on full drafts,  July 23rd.

incidentally I posted a few days ago about each the eastern angles and new perspectives companies’ current touring shows. Click on the link to see tour schedules. Both shows well worth seeing in you are in the vicinities.


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