Rural Touring Project

January 30, 2009

Had the first of the Rural Touring Project Writers’ Lab09 meeting yesterday. There are five writers in the project, actorand writer Tyrone Huggins, Segun Lee French, Leah Chillery, myself and Richard ‘he wasnt there and I didnt catch his surname’ somebody.

Morning was outlining the project, development process, introductions to the rural touring scenes, no committment to produce anything, watching some work. All sounds good. Afternoon was talking about our individual projects. All sound good.

I am working up an idea about the See family who live on a narrowboat. They crash into a local village/market town and their lives change forever. After the feedback yesterday I am now likely to ditch the parents and instead am concentrating on the five young adults who can really drive the story.

Mine and Tyrone’s  Mentor is Ivan Cuttings of Eastern Angles. Daniel Buckroyd of New Perspectives is mentoring two of the other writers, with Kully Thiarai of Theatre Writing Partnership mentoring Segun.

It was good to meet the other writers. Leah and Segun I had wanted to meet for a long time after hearing about them and their work for a long time, Tyrone played one of the Fathers in my play Natural Breaks and Rhythmns so in some ways I felt that I knew them all.

I have set myself a deadline of writing a draft by end of April, when we next meet so a treatment by end of February. Looking forward to it as I havent written anything for two weeks.

Rural Touring Project

January 28, 2009

First meeting tomorrow for my new Project. Leisure Traffic is a conceived as a rural touring project. It is set on a narrowboat. Working with Pride of Place touring companies to develop project. Get more info about the general scope of the project tomorrow where I will also be assigned a mentor for the project.

Have a very sketchy idea of the project so far. It is set on a narrowboat where three of the four members of the See family want to get off after spending the last ten years living on the boat.

Got  a narrowboating, canal life magazine and space and it’s usage is going to be a key, key thing.

I am one of a number of writers selected for this development so be good to see other writers and hear the other projects.

Journal-a year on

January 26, 2009

Had a quick reflection on this journal by skim reading all of the posts. What i felt was that I do a lot of work and that I need to perhaps do more posting on the work i’ve seen by others. Work that inspires, irritates, confirms, grates, etc. I can only remember the Lepage Lipsynch , Branagh Ivanov and Sheil Mum + Dad postings. I must see more work than that right. I loved Luhrmann’s Australia for its romanticism, scope and tone.

I’ve taped The Return, and Tadpole so will watch those this week and post thoughts on these. Both films I wanted to see when released but didnt.

I also thought The recent Lear was good. Caught it on TV. Ian Mckellen played Lear. Very strong ensemble acting.


January 22, 2009

Have applied to pitch a project at the Decibel09 Showcase that takes place in Manchester in September.

Have attached my pitch for the pitch slot here available to download as a pdf so take a look if you wish. Going for a theatre of the absurd angle.


Kubrick Archive visit

January 19, 2009

Visit to the Kubrick Archive has been booked for 19th Feb. Going with 8 students who will be a week away from shooting their short films. I have asked the archive to concentrate on pulling pre-production visualisation material together as the students will be a week away from shooting. Think the reminder of the attention to detail might be a useful reminder.

There is also a season of Kubrick related films on at the BFI from Feb so hoping to pop into the gallery there to see some material the archive have lent for the exhibition. The Archive personnel reminded me about the current Stanley Kubrick Season

The Kubrick Season is to accompany a work by Jane and Louise Wilson who have been in the archive researching Aryan Papers, a film Kubrick never completed. Their installation uses copies of research material for the film from the archive and a contemporary interview with the Dutch woman who had been selected to play one of the main characters. This will be in the BFIs gallery throughout February.

The BFI are also doing an extended run of Barry Lyndon from January to March and to accompany that there will be an exhibition of material from the archive at the BFI.

24 Degrees readings

January 16, 2009

The BBC Writer’s Room /Royal Court Theatre 24 degrees project culminates in a reading on the 6th march. This is where a selection of the scripts are rehearsed and read to an invited audience at the Royal Court Theatre.

Been an interesting project and I have an interesting feature film script, Carcass as a result of my selection for inclusion in the project. Carcass gives me a strong concept and script to develop so it’s been worthwhile.

Stanley Kubrick Archive

January 9, 2009

Link to the Stanley Kubrick Archive here.

This archive is held at the university of the Arts, London archive. It is open to the public. You need to book at least two weeks in advance as they only have room for about 5 people at a time.

Absolute opportunity to see the work during preparation. Planning a trip February so I’ll post afterwards.

early version of carcass

January 6, 2009

uploaded here is an early version of carcass, my 24 Degrees project. The first 30 pages from a while ago. almost a year now so alot has changed since but still think it’ll provide a useful guide to how the project is conceived. The current draft (version 8 as opposed to version 5.1) continues where this one end. There are some significant changes in the current first 30 pages of the now 85 page script but as I say this should give the reader a clear idea of the project, its scope and its thematic concerns.

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