Mum and Dad

October 31, 2008

Attending Mayhem Horror Film Festival this weekend to see Mum and Dad a debut feature film from Writer/Director Steven Sheil.

Not really a horror film fan but want to support Steven who is part of Nottingham creative community. I’ve posted about mum and dad earlier so type mum and dad into search bar for details of the film’s release schedule.

You can see a trailer here.

Mayhem is playing at the Broadway Cinema, Nottingham 31st Oct to 2nd Nov.

It is co-organised by Writer/Director Chris Cooke amongst others. Chris directed the feature One For The Road back in 2003.

24 Degrees- Post Manchester workshop

October 23, 2008

Spent Monday and Tuesday at BBC Manchester as part of the 24 degrees project. It was good to see the other 23 writers. I missed the launch event, London July 2008, as I was in Memphis attending an elearning conference (Fusion 2008) so nice to get a feel for the writers from around the UK.

Two days talking about plays, attending workshops, listening to ideas and thinking and talking about our own work.

The writer Michael Wynne (click here for films and tv and here for plays) did a number of really useful exercises that i’m going to incorporate into my teaching. I also got a new scene from the exercise so that was particularly good for me.

After hearing my idea it was suggested that I concentrate on carcass and drop Runners and that I consider carcass for radio and stage and not TV.

I am certainly going to concentrate on Carcass and not Runners but not sure whether it would work on stage. I can really hear it for radio but not sure about Stage. It has been conceived all along for screen. It’s also written in such a visual way that the transfer to another medium is diificult for me to imagine at the moment. It seems less of a transition to radio than it does to stage. Need to get my thinking cap on. I have a couple of ideas but as ever the ‘voice’/POV’ is the crucial question for me. Radio has lots of important attributes that would add to the piece, primarily the fact that if forces the user to create their own pictures in a way that other mediums dont do so readily.

Final draft deadline day is Jan 5th 2009 with draft to mentor Debbie Tucker Green by November’s end. Also I was unaware that the intention is that six of the 24 pieces will receive a reading at the Royal Court Theatre in February

24 Degrees- Carcass

October 15, 2008

Gotten a bit stuck with Runners my idea for 24 Degrees scheme. (Type 24 degrees into search bar for details of the scheme) so moved onto the other idea I think would work well. Carcass the feature. Carcass was developed with the DV shorts scheme in mind. The draft carcass 5.1 is available on here to download. If you stick carcass latest draft into the search bar you should find carcass5.1.pdf.

The 24 Degrees scheme is looking for full length plays or hour long TV pieces so i’m developing carcass along those lines.

Enjoyed writing last night. The challenge for me now is how to maintain atmosphere. Piece is very character, interior and not plot. These are hard films to maintain that interest. Also think that short was a coherent whole so taking it forward from end scene to take Lucy into her future, the future the first 30 minutes set up. I am so afriad of cliche when writing that I have to resist throwing plot aside at the expense of audience interest. I consciously have to think about the emotional drive of a scene/piece and not just write poetry.

What I hope is that writing carcass for a while will give Runners some space and then I can do a flip back and forth think. It worked last night as while I was writing Carcass I had some interesting ideas for runners.

Meeting with Mentor Debbie Tucker Green tomorrow so hoping that will also provoke something for me.

Reminder if you missed Debbie’s play Broadcast Saturday it is available still. go here to listen.

So what I was doing last night was going back over the previous draft and tweaking to reflect the new extended length and the ideas that can be perhaps more fully explored with that length in mind.  Download draft 5.1 and have a read. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Steven Sheil Film release date

October 10, 2008

Writer/Director Steven Sheil debut feature film Mum and Dad has a release date. it is being released Boxing Day by Revolver Entertainment in cinemas, on DVD and Online, rental, etc, etc simultaneously. similar to the Steven Soderberg film Full Frontal  was released a few years back. It’s a first for Europe apparently. check out this link here.

MUM and DAD is released on Mother”s day in the U.S.

Steve is a nottingham-based filmmaker. He also co-organises Mayhem Horror film festival. See programme here. Mayhem is on 31st Oct-2nd Nov.

check out an interview here. The similarities between Steven and Shane Meadows are explored by the journalist.

His short film Cry can be found here and a trailer for Mum and Dad here

Steven’s blog site is one of my links (adventures in uncinema) so check it out from time to time.

24 Degrees Mentor- Debbie Tucker Green

October 8, 2008

My 24 degrees mentor Debbie Tucker Green is having a braodcast of her play Random this Saturday on BBC Radio 3. Click here for details.

If you miss it remember that you can listen to it online for up to a week after.

Here’s a review of Random and another here

Graduate Story- Rowland Kimber

October 7, 2008

Saw Karosta at the Raindance film festival. Produced by Rowland Kimber an NTU Multimedia Graduate. Karosta is a 50 mins documentatry directed by Peter King. It’s a really strong film that looks fantastic (shot on HD), is very well structured and has managed to find an interesting angle on the breakup on the ex-soviet union. Karosta is a town in Latvia.

Check out the Ivory Tower Pictures site here, (Rowland’s company) and the film’s site here.

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