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September 30, 2008

Reading Elliot Groves “Write & sell the hot script” at the moment. Didn’t rate it initially but that was because I was forgetting the title. Most of the script books I’ve read have focussed on the writing process and have necessarily been much more extensive than the Grove book in this area. I would particularly recommend Judith Weston‘ s two books in this area. Script Analysis for Writers, Actors and Directors I found really useful.
Grove’s book is as it says on the tin about writing and ‘selling’ so its approach is much more explicitly career focussed.
Haven’t read Mckee or Field yet but will do no doubt at some point.

graduate stories

September 26, 2008

Wanted to mention a couple of stories from students who graduated from the Multimedia course at Nottingham Trent University over the years. Not sure why posting this now but the variety of the jobs is perhaps the reason.
Amit Dhamu is now working as a multimedia eLearning designer for the NHS Leicester University trust. for his portfolio.
Rowland Kimber, Ivory Tower Pictures (site here) has produced a documentary film that’s showing in the Raindance film festival.,2745,0,0,1,0 f or booking or here for information about the film.
It’s always nice to hear from graduates and there are lots of stories I could tell, andy roberts (Freelancer), Matt Towell Assistant Producer in advertising for BBH, Tom Dunn working for Google, Nicola Bolton- web designer for NTU, the list goes on and on

24 Degrees- Reading List

September 23, 2008

Just been suggested a whole series of plays and radio/TV scripts to read as part of the 24 Degrees project (see other 24 degrees postings by typing 24 degrees in the search bar).

They include The Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare, A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, Random or Generations by my mentor Debbie Tucker Green, Abi Morgan’s White Girl and Sarah Daniels’ The Sound Barrier. 37 in total. Some of them are available here so download them and have a read yourself.


September 19, 2008

Watching films as research for a short film I am developing as a research exercise. It has the working title of ‘Fossil” at the moment. Set during an operation it will try to externalise the thoughts the patient experiences during the procedure. Experiences seems an apt word. The challenge is that the main (possibly only) character in the film is literally passive being unconscious for the majority of the film. Bought ‘The Lives Of Others’ which I really enjoyed when I saw it. Watched the Italian film ‘The Consequences Of Love’ last week. Other films that immediately spring to mind that I’ve seen with passive leads are ‘being there’, ‘safe’, and ‘morvern callar’.
Am hoping to get some funding from EM Media to shoot the project.
The film will act as research for the ‘Carcass’ project I am still hoping to pursue. Despite it’s lack of funding through the DV Shorts scheme I think the project is strong enough to stay alive.
If you have any suggestions for films I should watch or work I should read, see in general then add a comment. Particularly interested in looking at photography.


September 15, 2008

Just booked tickets to see Donmar Warehouse production of Chekhov play Ivanov at the wyndham theatre, west end. Not seen any live Chekhov so looking forward to it. Also to seeing Kenneth Branagh. He seems to really be on form in the theatre over the last few years so looking forward to seeing what I can learn. Tom Stoppard has done the adaptation and Grandage directs so big hitters.

close escape

September 15, 2008

Had a close escape today. Almost missed seeing Lipsynch by Robert Lepage‘s company. Part of Bite08 at the Barbican Centre, London I got a return ticket for the last night as it was sold out by the time I heard about it.
Absolutely fantastic piece of work. Event lasted from 1pm til 9.30 with a number of short breaks.
Why close escape? I nearly missed being transformed, moved, delighted, amazed, touched by this great piece of theatre. Fantastic performances, music, visual work, storytelling. Almost missed being reminded me how much I love his work and the power of storytelling.
Keeps me honest and unashamed in my own work and not too close to the prosaic, achievable, practical.
A real close escape.

idea development

September 12, 2008

In my usual, make everything into a glass half-full, positive way I have been using a short stay in hospital to develop an idea I am working on. After the DV Shorts scheme I am looking to make a short skills/career development piece that thematically has resonances with Carcass the piece developed with the DV Shorts/ EM Media in mind.
The stay has gotten me thinking of specific tonal ideas, visual and aurual. It’s also given me some bits and pieces of dialogue to work with and a visual idea for a specific emotional tone, for the opening of the piece and it’s underpinning also. All in all a good positive experience.

24 Degrees-Ideas

September 9, 2008

Am developing Carcass (type carcass in search bar to get script details) and Corporate farce idea for 24 Degrees scheme after conversation with mentor Debbie Tucker Green.

Corporate which is tentatively called Runners is really about revolution. Undecided as to whether the revolution should succeed, should fail, or should fail better in a Beckett, robert the bruce (or was it bonnie prince charlie ?) spider’s web way. The idea that today’s failed revolution helps tomorrow’s revolution get close to succeeding is the way instinctively I want to go. Am sketching out the story at the moment. will then get writing a treatment and then do some research most likely.

Film Council-First Feature Fund

September 4, 2008

My submission for film council first feature fund nearly ready. Just tweaking script I am sending as a demonstration piece before I submit. Should be ready to go off by the end of the month. Euroscript (see there link on the sidebar) have a free development evening chat soon coming up with film council reps (including the Chief Exec) so get along if you are near London based.

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