The Wives (many) of Fela Anikulapo Kuti:thinking of Harry Crews

Thinking of Harry Crews at the moment. In particular his book car. A guy decides he can eat a car piece by piece. The idea of these people attached to a guy and they all have their own reasons for wanting him to continue even though by the time we join the story he knows he cannot complete the task.

Read it years ago and just working off sense memory rather than re-reading it again. The idea of people wanting things from the main character, some they can articulate and some they cannot is the sense that I am currently feeding into the characters/story.

I love Crews’ work. Body has two central characters that remind me of the Williams sisters (Venus & Serena) as regards their impact on a previously closseted sporting world. He might be described as southern gothic (so he might be tagged with Hiaasen) by some. I just love his writing style. Check him out if you can. He was one of those writers where I bought one book, which I read and then bought as presents for others and then went through as many of his back catalogue as possible. This was pre-Amazon day.


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